How are Jay and Ben Mitchell related?

How are Jay and Ben Mitchell related?

Jay’s storylines since joining the programme have included being part of a gang, coping with the death of his father Jase Dyer (Stephen Lord), being orphaned by age 14 which results in his going into foster care and then being taken care of by the Mitchell family, as well as maturing from a wayward teen, becoming a …

Who is Jay’s real dad in EastEnders?

Phil Mitchell
Jase Dyer
Jay Brown/Father

Is Jay Billys son?

No, Jay is not related to Honey or Billy. Billy took Jay in as a young teen after the loss of his father Jase, with him becoming a father figure to him. Jay became closes with the Mitchells and like family, but he is not actually related to any of the characters.

How are Phil and Billy related?

By December 2020, a total of ten Mitchell blood relatives appear on the programme: Phil; his sons Ben (Max Bowden) and Raymond Dawkins; Ben’s daughter Lexi Pearce (Isabella Brown); Sam’s son Ricky (Henri Charles); Roxy’s daughter Amy (Abbie Knowles); Phil’s second cousin Billy (Perry Fenwick) and his children, Janet ( …

Will Ben and Callum get married?

Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) and Callum Highway (Tony Clay) tied the knot in EastEnders tonight (May 11), and no you’re crying. The popular duo – commonly known as Ballum – made their vows before their nearest and dearest in heartfelt scenes. ‘You are the best looking man I know,’ said Ben.

Who is Ben’s boyfriend Paul?

Paul, a gay character, is the grandson of established characters Les Coker (Roger Sloman) and Pam Coker (Lin Blakley) and boyfriend of Ben Mitchell (Harry Reid)….Paul Coker (EastEnders)

Paul Coker
Portrayed by Jonny Labey
Duration 2015–2016
First appearance Episode 5077 1 June 2015
Last appearance Episode 5347 8 September 2016

Why did Phil give Jay the car lot?

PHIL Mitchell has finally revealed why he gave Jay Brown the car lot in EastEnders – he murdered his father. The Walford hardman – who is played by actor Steve McFadden in the BBC soap – claimed his reason for giving Jay the £300,000 gift was because he killed his dad Jase Dyer.

Who killed in EastEnders?

The culprit was kept a tight secret within the production crew as well, with only seven people knowing the identity of the killer. The murderer was revealed as Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) during a live episode titled “EastEnders Live”, broadcast on 19 February 2010, the show’s 25th anniversary.

What age is Billy Mitchell in real life?

Perry Fenwick (born 29 May 1962) is an English actor. He is known for portraying the role of Billy Mitchell in the BBC soap opera EastEnders, a role which he has played since 1998….

Perry Fenwick
Born 29 May 1962 Canning Town, Essex, England
Occupation Actor
Years active 1980–present
Television Watching EastEnders

Does ballum marry?

After months of waiting, EastEnders fans finally got to see ‘Ballum’ – Ben and Callum tie the knot in EastEnders this week. Sharing the photo on Instagram, Max Bowden who plays Ben Mitchell in the soap shared the happy couple’s wedding picture, captioning the post “Well, it happened then”.