How can I check my waitlist in IRCTC?

How can I check my waitlist in IRCTC?

You can easily do this online at . To see the current status of your train ticket on the IRCTC booking system waitlist, just use the form at the top of this page.

How do I know if my waiting list is confirmed?

You can check IRCTC PNR status via SMS: Type “PNR <Your 10 digit PNR number>” and send it to 139 OR via Dial 139 to get the live PNR status. Please note that carrier charges might apply for SMS and call. How does a Waitlisted ticket gets Confirmed?

Can we confirm waiting list ticket?

If you are unable to get a confirmed ticket, you can book a waitlisted ticket and in case of cancellations, your wait-listed ticket can be confirmed. If you are planning a journey on the Indian Railways, this is an important news for you.

Will waiting list 15 get confirmed?

They are confirmed if anyone cancels his confirmed ticket. Normally, nearly 90 seats are allotted as RAC tickets. Waiting list tickets These tickets are allotted after all RAC tickets have been distributed. If you booked online and have a waiting list ticket, you will not be able to travel on the train.

How many tickets can be confirmed in waiting list?

There will be a maximum of 20 waiting list tickets in 1st AC, 50 in 2nd AC, 100 in 3rd Act and 20 in Executive Class,” an official release said. Earlier, the Railways said that no waiting list tickets will be booked and passengers with confirmed tickets will be allowed to board the train.

How many hours chart is prepared before?

four hours
The first chart is prepared at least four hours before the scheduled departure of the train. If seats become vacant owing to cancellation, they can be booked through PRS counters and online till the preparation of the second chart. 4.

How many hours before train chart is prepared?

Will waiting list 4 get confirmed?

There’s no guarantee that all passengers on your ticket will be confirmed. The tickets can get confirmed any time, depending on cancellations, if any, by other passengers, who’re traveling in the same class, as you have booked the tickets for.

Can WL 2 be confirmed?

If your WL is a primary status then it will definitely get confirmed. I had booked 2 tickets in 2ac where as only one ticket was confirmed and second ticket is wl1. The train had only 1 coach of 2ac from tirupati to vijayawada on 7 jun 2014.

Can I travel with WL ticket?

While booking ticket, those get ‘confirmed’ status or ‘RAC’ (Reservation Against Cancellation) status they can travel on the journey date but those who get ‘WL’ status, they cannot travel on the ticket as they will not be given a seat/berth in the train.

How to check for waitlist confirmation on

How to check for waitlist confirmation on • People who do not have confirmed tickets can check for the probability of confirmation by clicking on ‘CNF Probability’ and it will be displayed in terms of per centage. For instance, it showed a 95 per cent probability of confirmation for the train ticket when general waiting list was three.

How does the IRCTC train waitlist prediction work?

Let us take a look at how the waitlist prediction on the new IRCTC website works: • People who do not have confirmed tickets can check for the probability of confirmation by clicking on ‘CNF Probability’ and it will be displayed in terms of per centage.

How to check PNR status of IRCTC train tickets?

Check PNR status and waitlist PNR prediction of IRCTC PNR Status of IRCTC Train tickets can be checked on ConfirmTkt using your PNR number. Enter your 10 digit PNR number and click Check PNR Status button

When does advance booking for IRCTC tickets open?

The advance booking for train ticket opens 120 days before the date of journey, said IRCTC on it’s official website- Passengers in a ticket are assigned ticket status which can be waiting (WL), RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation), or confirmed (full berth).