How can you tell if a Littlest Pet Shop is rare?

How can you tell if a Littlest Pet Shop is rare?

Have you ever wondered how common is your LPS? Here are some ways to find out! Eyes Blue eyes are common Green eyes are uncommon Brown eyes SUPER uncommon Purple eyes are RARE!

How much do original LPS sell for?

The average eBay selling price for vinyl records is around $15, though vinyl record values vary significantly: from 50 cents to $50 or more. You need to do some research to determine exactly how much your vinyl records are worth. Here are some highly-valuable vinyl records.

Are Littlest pet shops still sold?

Littlest Pet Shop is a toy franchise and cartoon series owned by Hasbro. The franchise was relaunched in 2005 and there are currently over 3,000 different pet toys that have been created since.

Has Littlest Pet Shop stopped making?

Littlest Pet Shop will return with season four to Discovery Family on November 7, but the network has cancelled the series. This means that season four will be the last. Roger Eschbacher, a writer for the animated series, announced the cancellation on his website on Saturday.

What are the most valuable Littlest Pet Shop?

The most expensive pet by far is the Comic Con Cat. I have sold this one several times over and make money on ebay selling these for hundreds of dollars. Right now, there’s some on there that have sold for a lot of money! The asking price was $950!

Why did they stop making LPS?

Why did LPS discontinued? Roger Eschbacher, a writer for the animated series, announced the cancellation on his website on Saturday. He revealed that Hasbro had decided to pull the plug on the series, and he said it had something to do with toy sales. It was not a case of low ratings.

Are 78 LPS worth anything?

The accompanying album covers of 78 vinyl records are often worth as much or more than the actual record discs. 78 records and their covers that were released between the 1950s and 1980s are particularly collectible with often elaborate and iconic art images and artist likenesses.

Are old LPS worth anything?

Whether “rockabilly” or “rock ‘n’ roll” LPs like these that were made in the 1950s are now quite rare and valuable. Many have values that exceed $100. Some sell for $1000 or more. Most “Fans” LPs made after 1970 sell for $10 or more and some made before 1970 sell for $100+.

Why is Littlest Pet Shop so expensive?

So, you may be asking why LPS toys sell for so much money. The answer is that Hasbro only releases so many of one particular pet. Littlest Pet Shop toys releases different ones to different parts of the states. In fact, there are a few rarer ones that have ONLY been released in the U.K. making them even harder to find.

What does LPS stand for?


Acronym Definition
LPS Local Pet Store
LPS Lipopolysaccharide
LPS Littlest Pet Shop (video game)
LPS Lawton Public Schools (Lawton, Oklahoma)

Why was LPS discontinued?

Why are LPs toys so expensive?

How many Littlest Pet Shop are there?

As well as the human cast are her seven animal companions, who reside within Littlest Pet Shop during the day, that Blythe unexpectedly gains the ability to communicate with. The series is produced by Hasbro Studios in the United States and animated by DHX Media ‘s animation studio in Vancouver, British Columbia , Canada.

What is the rarest LPs?

There are five types of LPS that are always considered rare, they are: Dachshunds Collies Great Danes Cocker spaniels and Short haired cats

Who is the creator of Littlest Pet Shop?

Littlest Pet Shop is a Canadian–American children’s animated television series developed by Julie McNally-Cahill and Tim Cahill for Hasbro .

What is the abbreviation for Littlest Pet Shop?

LPS stands for Littlest Pet Shop (video game)