How did Agent Smith become a virus?

How did Agent Smith become a virus?

After being initially destroyed by Neo, he became an Exile and manifested as a computer virus with the uncanny ability to copy himself over the minds of bluepills, redpills and programs alike.

What did Agent Smith want?

Whereas Neo’s goal is to save Zion and the humans inside the Matrix, Agent Smith’s goal was to destroy Zion and all humans. Whereas Neo was known as the One, Agent Smith (by copying himself onto others) became the Many. Neo wants to bring order while Smith wants only chaos.

Who created the agents in the Matrix?

The Wachowskis
A notable individual Agent is Agent Smith, played by Hugo Weaving. He is introduced alongside his colleagues Agents Jones (Robert Taylor) and Brown (Paul Goddard) in the first The Matrix film in 1999….Agent (The Matrix)

Created by The Wachowskis
In-universe information
Species Computer program
Gender Male

Why is Agent Smith the bad guy?

He was created by The Architect along with his fellow Agents to protect the Matrix, but is freed from this purpose after Neo defeated him, leading him to turn on the Machines and set himself to destroy them along with mankind.

Is Agent Smith human?

Overview. Smith began as an Agent, an AI program in the Matrix programmed to keep order within the system by terminating human simulacra which would bring instability to the simulated reality, as well as any rogue programs that no longer serve a purpose to the Machine collective.

How was Smith defeated?

The war between humans and machines ended shortly after Trinity died in a crash. Neo sacrificed himself to stop the spread of Agent Smith, which the Matrix could no longer control. There he allowed himself to be absorbed by Smith’s program. Neo destroyed it from within, and in the process both he and Agent Smith died.

Is Neo a God?

Neo, a liberator rather than a savior, is a Gnostic Christ. Neo becomes a liberator by coming to understand himself. He discovers faith in himself, not in an all-powerful, unknowable God.

Is Morpheus dead?

Morpheus is caught off-guard and is unable to dodge the Assassin’s bullets. He dies from gunshot wounds.

Who was Agent Smith at the end of the matrix?

In the Matrix, a group of sentient programs called agents are led by Agent Smith to stop them. At the end of the first movie, Agent Smith seemed like he was destroyed, but he returned in 2003 with The Matrix Reloaded.

How did Agent Smith come up with his theory?

At one point, Smith explains his theory about how to classify humans, and how he decided humans aren’t mammals. According to Smith, mammals achieve equilibrium with their environment, but humans just kept multiplying until they fill the entire ecosystem, more like a virus.

What kind of weapon does Agent Smith have?

Agent Smith’s weapon of choice, as standard for all Agents of the Matrix, is the notably large Desert Eagle Chambered in .50 AE (Action Express). Unlike others, Smith always refers to Neo as “Mr. Anderson.”, except in the final battle Smith is visibly confused and doesn’t know he used the name Neo.

Why was Agent Smith Unplugged in the first movie?

As a result of his contact with Neo from the first film, Smith is “unplugged” in the second film, no longer an Agent of the system but a “free man”. This is signified by the lack of an earpiece, which he sends to Neo in an envelope as a message early in the film.