How did America win the battle of Trenton?

How did America win the battle of Trenton?

After crossing the Delaware River in a treacherous storm, General George Washington’s army defeated a garrison of Hessian mercenaries at Trenton. The victory set the stage for another success at Princeton a week later and boosted the morale of the American troops.

What was the result of the Trenton?

The Battle of Trenton ended in victory for the American colonists. The Fall of Fort Washington on the end of Manhattan Island was a crushing blow for the Americans and destroyed all hope of holding anything near New York. General George Washington sent one part of his army to secure the Highlands of the Hudson.

Who was the winner of the Battle of Trenton and Princeton?

With the Continental Army threatening to dissolve around him, General George Washington led the remnants of his army across the icy Delaware River on Christmas night 1776 and routed a Hessian garrison at Trenton.

Who won the battle of Trenton quizlet?

What the result of the Battle was. The americans won the battle.

How many American soldiers were killed in the Battle of Trenton?

All told, 22 were killed, 92 wounded, 918 captured and 400 escaped in the Battle of Trenton. The Americans suffered two frozen to death and five wounded.

Why did General Washington want to get to Trenton?

Washington’s aim was to conduct a surprise attack upon a Hessian garrison of roughly 1,400 soldiers located in and around Trenton, New Jersey. Washington hoped that a quick victory at Trenton would bolster sagging morale in his army and encourage more men to join the ranks of the Continentals come the new year.

Why was the victory at Trenton so important?

The surprise victory at Trenton was important to the American cause for several reasons: For the first time, Washington’s forces had defeated a regular army in the field. American losses were extremely light; only two soldiers died and those apparently from exposure, not enemy fire. Washington’s command was solidified.

Who hired the Hessians?

the British
The term “Hessians” refers to the approximately 30,000 German troops hired by the British to help fight during the American Revolution. They were principally drawn from the German state of Hesse-Cassel, although soldiers from other German states also saw action in America.

Why was Princeton a different victory than Trenton?

Why was Princeton a different victory than Trenton? Trenton was defended by mercenaries and Princeton was defended by British regulars. It was the final victory for the Americans.

Why is the Battle of Trenton important?

Why did the Battle of Trenton happen quizlet?

What? The Battle of Trenton was fought between the Americans against the Hessian army and British troops after the Americans lost the battle in New York and were forced to retreat through New Jersey. The battle was planned to raise morale for troops losing hope. You just studied 6 terms!

Why did George Washington cross the Delaware River?

On December 25, 1776, General George Washington and a small army of 2400 men crossed the Delaware River at McConkey’s Ferry, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, on their way to successfully attack a Hessian garrison of 1500 at Trenton, New Jersey.