How did Bear and Crispin enter Great Wexly?

How did Bear and Crispin enter Great Wexly?

The day after Crispin and Bear enter Great Wexly (June 23) is the eve of the Feast of St. When Crispin notices a spy watching him, though, he goes to warn Bear, which leads to Bear being taken prisoner by John Aycliffe’s men. After soldiers destroy her tavern, Widow Daventry tells Crispin the truth of his parentage.

What is the bargain that Crispin offers to Aycliffe?

Terms in this set (20) What was Widow Daventry’s advise to Crispin? What bargain did Crispin offer to Aycliffe? The Widow found a man th help guide Crispin out of town at night.

What does bear give Crispin as a reward for his hard work?

They count the money they earned, and Bear gives Crispin a penny, big bucks in those days, especially for Crispin, who’s just about never seen money. Crispin’s feeling all right until he remembers he’s still a wolf’s head and people are after him.

Who does Crispin unexpectedly meet in the enormous church in Great Wexly?

After Crispin’s mother dies, the corrupt Steward of the Manor, John Aycliffe, accuses Crispin of thievery and declares that anyone may kill him on sight. Crispin runs away and on his journey meets a man called Bear.

What did Crispin realize when he eavesdrop on bear and Johnball?

What does Crispin conclude about Bear after eavesdropping on his conversation with John Ball? He concludes that Bear is engaged in a rebellion.

How did Crispin lose bears dagger?

A fight ensues between Aycliffe and Bear, who is given the dagger Crispin found at the palace, as the soldiers surround them with their swords drawn. After a back and forth battle, Bear eventually squeezes Aycliffe from behind, causing him to drop his sword and dagger.

Why do Bear and Crispin become close?

Expert Answers Crispin becomes close to Bear because of hunger and an oath he swore that made Bear hiss master in the eyes of God. Crispin is so religious that he would not violate the oath and risk going to hell.

Why does bear advise Crispin to lose his sorrows?

Why does Bear advise Crispin to loose his sorrows? Because sorrow is the common fate of most men.

How old is Crispin claim?

Crispin is a thirteen-year-old boy who lives with his mother in the small village of Stromford, which is part of Lord Furnival’s land. He has no father and is known simply as “Asta’s son.” When his mother dies, he is so upset that he runs into the woods.

Is Crispin the Cross of Lead a movie?

Here’s an entry in the “90-Second Newbery” Film Festival, presenting Crispin: The Cross of Lead, silent movie style. Watch an interview with Avi in which he talks about writing, reading, and his symptoms of dyslexia.

Why is Crispin’s noble blood poison?

Why? She calls it poison, because Crispin is descended from Lord Furnival. She may be saying that the Furnivals are poisonous, bad people, or she may mean it is poison because having illegitimate noble blood means he is marked for death.

Where do Crispin and bear travel in the book?

Chapters 20-23, pp. 80-95 Bear and Crispin travel through the countryside, nd Bear reveals more of his life story. He teaches Crispin how to juggle and play the record ,but ties Crispin to a tree while he searches for food. Bear tells more of his riotous life and asks rispin more about his parents.

Why does Crispin not tell the man where he is from?

Chapter 16, pp. 60-66 Crispin hears someone singing in the abandoned village and finds a large man dressed in colorful clothes. The man teases Crispin, asks him many questions, and tricks him. Discussion Questions 1. Why does Crispin not tell the man where he isfrom?

What was the conversation between Crispin and the man in the church?

The author employs humorous moments in the conversation between the meeting of Crispin and the man in the church. Discuss the ways the readers know parts of the conversation are meant to be humorous. (Answers will vary.) 4. How does the man feel about the king and officials of the kingdom?