How did greg Carr make his money?

How did greg Carr make his money?

Kennedy School of Government in 1986. Later that year, inspired by the breakup of AT, he and Scott Jones founded Boston Technology, one of the earlier firms to sell voice mail systems to telephone companies. Carr served as the chair of Boston Technology until it was purchased by Comverse Technology (CMVT) in 1998.

What is Greg Carr worth?

By the mid-1990s, Carr had moved away from day-to-day involvement with Boston Technology to serve as its chairman; he had also become chairman of Prodigy, an early Internet service provider. By the end of the decade, his personal net worth exceeded $200 million.

Who is Gregory Carr?

Greg Carr is Associate Professor of Africana Studies and Chair of the Department of Afro-American Studies at Howard University and Adjunct Faculty at the Howard School of Law. He holds a Ph. D. in African American Studies from Temple University and a JD from the Ohio State University College of Law.

Where did Dr Greg Carr go to college?

Temple University
Professor Carr received his Ph. D. from Temple University.

Who is Gregory Carr and what did he do?

Gregory C. Carr. Gregory C. Carr (born 1959) is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist. His most notable philanthropic venture is the restoration of Mozambique’s famous Gorongosa National Park, which has been ravaged by civil war and environmental destruction.

Who are the parents of Greg Carr of Idaho Falls?

He has pledged $40 million over 30 years to rebuild the park as a source of tourist income for the local population. Greg Carr was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho, in 1959. His parents are Taylor H. and Betty O. Carr.

Who is the founder of the Carr Foundation?

The Carr Foundation is currently committed to the 30 year restoration of Gorongosa National Park in central Mozambique as well as to the sustainable development of the communities surrounding the park.