How did Johnny Cash meet June Carter?

How did Johnny Cash meet June Carter?

Johnny and June first met backstage at Nashville, Tennessee’s Grand Ole Opry in 1956, though it would be a dozen years before they would become husband and wife. Carter had been aware of Cash through the recommendations of Elvis Presley, with whom she had been singing backup.

How did the Carter family become famous?

The Carter Family is a traditional American folk music group that recorded between 1927 and 1956. They were the first vocal group to become country music stars, and were among the first groups to record commercially produced country music.

Where is June Carter Cash from?

Maces Spring, VAJune Carter Cash / Place of birthMaces Spring is a small unincorporated community in Scott County, Virginia, United States, along State Route 614, in an area known as Poor Valley. The settlement consists of a small number of houses. Wikipedia

Is June Carter related to the Carter family?

Nashville, Tennessee, U.S. June Carter Cash (born Valerie June Carter; June 23, 1929 – May 15, 2003) was a five-time Grammy award-winning American singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, comedian, and author who was a member of the Carter Family and the second wife of singer Johnny Cash.

Is June Carter Cash related to the Carter family?

Singer-songwriter June Carter Cash was born Valerie June Carter on June 23, 1929, in Maces Springs, Virginia. The daughter of Ezra Carter and Mother Maybelle Carter, June was a born into the first family of country music.

When did June Carter Cash join Johnny Cash?

In 1961 Carter joined the road show of famed country singer Johnny Cash. Two years later she cowrote what was perhaps her best-known song, “ Ring of Fire,” to describe her feelings about Cash, whose rendition of it became a hit.

When did June Carter Cash become a solo artist?

June continued to record popular duets with Cash as well as perform as a solo artist—she earned her first Grammy as a solo artist for Press On (1999)—and as a member of the Carter Family, which had re-formed in the 1950s. Her autobiographies, Among My Klediments and From the Heart, were published in 1979 and 1987, respectively.

What was the cause of death for June Carter Cash?

June won the award for Best Traditional Folk Album and the award for Best Female Country Vocal Performance for the song “Keep on the Sunny Side.” June Carter Cash died of complications following heart surgery on May 15, 2003, in Nashville, Tennessee. Later that year, her beloved husband passed away on September 12.

What was the name of June Carter Cash’s daughter?

They had a daughter, Rebecca Carlene Smith, professionally known as Carlene Carter, a country musician. June’s second marriage was to Edwin “Rip” Nix, a former football player, police officer, and racecar driver, on November 11, 1957. They had a daughter, Rosie, on July 13, 1958. The couple divorced in 1966.