How do I find out how much my Beanie Babies are worth?

How do I find out how much my Beanie Babies are worth?

To check and see if your Beanie is retired you can check the Ty website. You will also need to identify the hang tag to see which generation of Beanie it is. The toys were made in “generations” and the first generation will be more valuable than the ones that follow.

What generation of Beanie Babies are worth money?

First, second, and third generation beanie babies are known as unique or rare beanies. Ty Inc. only produced a few thousand of each type, so they are quite collectible. And, when in good condition, they tend to be among the most valuable beanie babies.

What are the 10 most valuable Beanie Babies?

The 20 Most Expensive Beanie Babies in the World

  • Humphrey the Camel – $1,200.
  • Employee the Bear – $3,000.
  • Nana the Monkey – $4,000.
  • Peace the Bear – $5,000.
  • Snort the Red Bull – $6,500.
  • Gobbles the Turkey – $6,750.
  • Peanut the Elephant – $7,000.
  • Halo the Bear – $7,500.

How do I know if my Princess Diana Beanie Baby is valuable?

The only Princess Beanie Baby recognized to be worth a higher value if it has the Canadian customs tush tag is the Indonesia, no-space swing tag, P.V.C. tush tag version. Otherwise, the Canadian customs tush tag only adds one or two dollars to the normal value of any other version of Princess.

Which peace Beanie Baby is valuable?

Peace the Bear // Value: $5000 The Peace bear Beanie Baby is unique for several reasons: It was the first Beanie Baby with an embroidered emblem; it had many tag variations during its run; and its tie-dye pattern meant that no two bears were identical. Peace bears in mint condition can sell for up to $5000 on eBay.

How do I know if my Beanie Baby is valuable?

Factors That Determine the Beanie’s Final Value

  1. Mint Condition: The beanie baby is in “new” condition, and has matching, intact hang tags and tush tags.
  2. Near Mint: The beanie baby is perfect, but the tags show slight signs of wear.
  3. Excellent: The plush body is perfect, but the tags may be worn or creased.

What year is the first edition Princess Diana Beanie Baby?

The “limited edition” rumors caused a buying frenzy when Princess first shipped to Ty retailers in late December 1997.

How much money is a Beanie Baby worth?

Most Beanie Babies are not worth very much money, but some 1st Generation and other rare versions can fetch some decent coin. If your Beanie Babies doesn’t have a hang tag, it’s not worth very much. Beanie Babies with a Yellow Star on the Hang Tag are rarely worth money. Error Beanie Babies are rarely worth money. ↑ = price trending up.

When did the first Beanie Baby Come Out?

Beanie Babies are a brand of plush toy created by Ty Inc ., and they became one of the first ever internet sensations all the way back in 1995! In recent times Beanie Babies Value has shot through the roof!

Are there any Beanie Babies left on the market?

Beanie baby production stopped in the early 2000s. Today, there are thousands of beanie babies on eBay and other online marketplaces. With huge numbers of these little plush toys on the market, many previously valuable beanie babies have lost much of their collectible value.

Why is Patti the Beanie Baby so valuable?

She’s so valuable because she’s widely considered to be one of the nine original ‘Babies’ that TY produced. This means that collectors are willing to pay over the odds for an original Patti, bringing in a tidy payday for anyone who was lucky enough to buy or receive one.