How do I get a Ford owners manual?

How do I get a Ford owners manual?

Go to and then scroll to the middle of the page and click on “Find your Owner Manual.” Then use the pull-down menus to access the OMs for MY96 and newer.

Does Ford F-150 come in manual?

A good chunk of those deliveries goes for the F-150, which is new for the 2021 model year. As we all know, every new car has a mandatory manual that is often a book with a few hundred pages. If you do the quick math, you can imagine the number of books and pages that Ford has to produce every year for the F-150 alone.

How long does a 1999 Ford F150 last?

How long do Ford F-150s last? The average Ford F-150 will last up to 150,000 to 300,000 miles before you will need to rebuild the engine. If you use the vehicle as a work truck and average around 15,000 miles per year, the F-150 will easily deliver 20 years of reliable service.

Are 1999 Ford F150 reliable?

The average rating is a 4.6 out of 5 stars. The 1999 Ford F-150 Reliability Rating is 3.5 out of 5.

Where can I download my car’s owner’s manual?

You can find the VIN on the vehicle registration document, an insurance card or on the vehicle itself. Other resources for car owner’s manuals are Web sites such as or “Just Give Me the Damn Manual.” They archive manuals and share them with other owners. (Information applies to U.S. models only.)

Do new Fords come with a manual?

All new Ford come with an Owner’s Manual. If you have misplaced your manual, or have purchased a previously-owned Ford without one, you can buy a Manual for a small fee online.

What year did Ford stop putting manual transmissions in their trucks?

Ford is a family truck name that has been around for 117 years! It was common for Ford to offer a manual transmission in their pickup trucks up until 2011 when they discontinued the option.

What does M stand for on Ford f150?

The “M” or Manual shift lever position can be used to step the transmission up or down through 7 pre-programmed gears manually. When you shift from “D” (Drive) to “M” (Manual), the shift indicator in the instrument panel will indicate the current gear.

What year F150 to avoid?

The worst F150 years, based on total complaints to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, are 2004, 2005, 2006, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2011 2007, 2002, and 2010. The best Ford F150s are 1993, 1994, 1996, 2009, 2012, 2003, 2001, 2014, 2018, and 1998.

What F150 to avoid?

2003-2008 F-150s featured one of two main engine options: Ford’s 4.6 L Triton, or 3-valve 5.4 L 3V Triton V8. There were a great many wonderful and reliable trucks and engines in this period, but one to avoid is the 2004 F-150, which is known for having one of the worst engines in the history of automobiles.

What motor comes in a 99 f150?

The standard engine for the F-150 is a 4.2-liter V6, but there are two single-overhead-cam (SOHC) V8s available: a 4.6-liter and a 5.4-liter. The 5.4 got a substantial tweak in power and torque for 1999, and our test truck was so equipped. Horsepower is now 260 and torque an impressive 345 ft. lbs.

How much HP does a 5.4 Triton have?

Ford 5.4L Modular V-8 Specs

Engine: 5.4L 16v SOHC, 24v SOHC, 32v DOHC
Engine Oil Capacity: 1997 – 2003
Peak Horsepower: 235 hp @ 4,250 rpm (1997 2v ratings) 310 hp @ 5,000 rpm (2010 3v ratings)
Peak Torque: 330 lb-ft @ 3,000 rpm (1997 2v ratings) 365 lb-ft @ 3,500 rpm (2010 3v ratings)

Where can I find the owners manual for a Ford F150?

Below you can find the owners manuals for the F150 model sorted by year. The manuals are free to download and are available in PDF format. Is is recommended to check the owners manual corresponding to the correct year of your Ford F150 to solve the problems or to get insights about the car.

Can a dealer edit a Ford owner manual?

No. Ford personnel and/or dealership personnel cannot modify or remove reviews. Are reviews modified or monitored before being published? Loading If you would like to order an Owner Manual, please visit Helm Inc. for availability and cost information.

Where does the Ford F-150 come from?

The current production, the Ford F-Series is produced by Ford in four plants in the United States. Some of the common problems or complaints about the Ford F-150 after 100.000 miles are:

When did the Ford F Series truck come out?

The Ford F-Series is a series of trucks sold and produced by Ford. Released in 1948, the F-Series is a range of light trucks sold as full-size pickup trucks. The F-Series is located above the compact Ford Ranger in the Ford truck model spectrum.