How do I make Gotz work again?

How do I make Gotz work again?

If you wish to request his services again, you must bring him gifts he likes daily until he is in a better mood, and he will soon feel good enough to start working again. Gotz’s friendship must be at its highest level before he will start to work again.

How do you expand your house in Harvest Moon?

Call the Tv Shopping operators using your telephone and order the Table. Only after you have received the Table can you then hire Gotz to increase the size of your house for the first time!

How many kids can you have in Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town?

How to Have a Kid. After you complete the marriage requirements and get married, you can have one child with your spouse.

What is the fastest way to make money in Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town?

Story Of Seasons: Friends Of Mineral Town: 15 Ways To Make Gold…

  1. 8 Upgrade Your Tools.
  2. 9 Go Fishing.
  3. 10 Grab A Basket.
  4. 11 Make Smart Choices With Livestock.
  5. 12 Use The Nature Sprites.
  6. 13 Choose Your Crops Wisely.
  7. 14 Vary Your Harvests.
  8. 15 Forage For Valuables. There are actually a lot of valuable items just around town.

What does Carter like in Harvest Moon?

Carter’s Secret Carter will then see you, and explain that he has a fondness for mushrooms, and he grows them behind the Church. After you see this event, the door will be unlocked to you always, and you can collect the mushrooms back there.

Where is Gotts story of seasons?

Mineral Forest
Gotts (ゴッツ, Gottsu) is a character in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. Gotts is a woodsman and a carpenter living on the outskirts of town with Brandon. He loves the outdoors, and his cottage can be found in Mineral Forest just south of your farm.

How do you get a kitchen in Harvest Moon DS Cute?

To set up your cooking environment you’ll first need to upgrade your house to the second stage. Once you have your house remodeled you can watch Channel 2 on your Sprite Station until you can buy the kitchen and it’s matching utensils.

How do you unlock the TV shop in Harvest Moon DS Cute?

To open the channel you must buy something from Karen’s telephone store for 10 days. When you unlock the Tv Shopping Channel 2, watch it every day. Eventually you will see the Table for sale. The little round table will only cost you 500 G.

How do you have kids in Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town?

After about a season of being married, your wife will say that she’s not feeling very well. You take her to the clinic and find out that she is going to have a baby! You then have to wait for 60 days before the baby’s born. She’ll do her normal stuff for the 60 days.

Can a girl marry a girl in story of seasons?

In the first localization blog for Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, XSEED Games has announced that the western version of the game will let you have a same-sex marriage. This system allows you to form a lifelong partnership with a character of the same sex.

How do you get rich in harvest moon?

Tips For Earning Money

  1. 1 One of the most common question is in reguards to making fast money, especially at the beginning of the game.
  2. 2 Ship Wild Grasses.
  3. 3 Sell Casino Prizes.
  4. 4 Save/Reload at the Excavation Site.
  5. 5 Sell fish to Van.

How do you get rich in mineral town?

8 Quick Ways to Earn Money in Story of Seasons: Friends of…

  1. Look for Wild Grass Around the Forest, Mountain, and Beach.
  2. Planting Renewable Crops.
  3. Buy Livestock.
  4. Mining at the Lake Mine in Winter.
  5. Betting at the Horse Race Festival.
  6. Befriend Huang.
  7. Collect and Sell Van’s Favorite Items to Huang.

Is there a Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town Guide?

Oh, I’ve also started a guide for Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town. And just to clue you in, I’m now officially doing COMMISSION FANART so e-mail me if you want some. Also put in more Furniture and Such. 07/15/05: Decided to update and add some more FAQs. Also edited some links, since I gave out some wrong ones.

How can I change my character’s birthday in Harvest Moon?

If you choose your birthday at the start of the game and the date you chose falls on a bachelorette/bachelor’s regular birthday, their birthday will instead be on the alternate day. For example, if you choose Summer 03 for your character’s birthday, the game will automatically change Popuri’s birthday to her alternate day of Summer 10.

What do you call more friends in Harvest Moon?

More Friends is commonly referred to as MFoMT, an acronym I despise and find quite awkward. Therefore, I will *always* use the acronym MoFo (‘Mo’re ‘F’riends ‘o’f) and shamelessly encourage you to use it as well. *NOTE! This guide has information pertaining *only* to these two (2) versions of Harvest Moon for the Game Boy Advance.

How to open a menu in Harvest Moon?

To open a particular menu press the following: Diary-Select it in the menus section. Rucksack-Press “A” and “B” at the same time World Map-Press and hold “L” and press “START” Farm Map-Press and hold “L” and press “SELECT” Earnings-Press “SELECT” Moving your character: To move your character, simply press the directional buttons.