How do you get into sumo wrestling?

How do you get into sumo wrestling?

Sumo has minimum height and weight restrictions, as well as age limits for those who want to become a rikishi. To gain acceptance to the sport you must be at least 167 cm tall and weigh 67 kg. If you are just shy of those marks, don’t worry.

What age do sumo wrestlers start?

Most new recruits are scouted at the age of 15, straight from high school, and come to sumo in search of glory and wealth.

Why do sumo wrestlers slap their stomachs?

The rikishi or wrestlers are grouped into two groups, East and West, and each group takes a turn entering the ring. Many rikishi will also sprinkle salt around their bodies as a means of protecting them from injury. They also slap their face and belly to intimidate their opponent.

Is slapping allowed in sumo?

Punching, gouging, and kicking are prohibited, but slapping and tripping are allowed. It is legal to grab the “mawashi” (sumo belt) anywhere around the waist, but not in the groin area. Hair-pulling is also banned.

What do you need to know about sumo wrestling?

Sumo is considered a martial art in Japan but is more accurately described as a sport, but one which still retains many of the ancient traditions of the Shinto religion as can be seen from the rituals at the beginning of every Sumo bout. The object of Sumo is simple. To force your opponent out of the ring or force your opponent to the canvas.

Why do sumo wrestlers throw salt in the air?

Why do Sumo wrestlers throw salt around? From ancient times, salt has been believed to own purifying powers. Both wrestlers throw salt in the air as they prepare for their bout (round), clearing thing as a sacred place. They also stamp the ring to squash the bad spirits and they sip water to clear their bodies.

Where does a sumo wrestler live in Japan?

Sumo wrestlers live in heya (training stables) where they follow strict traditions that dictate their daily lives, from what they wear to what they eat. The top sumo wrestlers are celebrities in Japan; they earn thousands of dollars a month, have fan clubs and retain their prestigious titles for life.

What kind of animals are used in sumo wrestling?

And kelp, cuttlefish, and chestnuts are placed in the ring along with prayers for safety. Each day of the tournament (basho), a ring entering ceremony is held, wherein each wrestler’s body and spirit undergoes purification.