How do you get past the blizzard in Spirit Tracks?

How do you get past the blizzard in Spirit Tracks?

Use the whirlwind and redirect the rocks back at them in order to defeat them. Use the whirlwind to move along the water and to the area at the south, where there is a treasure chest containing a red rupee. Jump back on the block and make your way around the water defeating all the octives in your way.

How do you beat the snow Temple in Zelda Spirit Tracks?

The key to doing this is to hit him with a Boomerang charged with either fire or ice, based on his current state. Use the opposite element to hit him: if he’s blue, hit him with fire. Trace a path through the torch then Fraaz quickly and it will stun him.

Where can I find ICE Spirit Tracks?

You get it in the Forest Temple.

Where is ferrus Spirit Tracks?

Snow Realm
Link has to find out where they have been taken, and pick Ferrus up. The first location is the track above Snow Sanctuary. The second location is north of Goron Village, and the last one is south of the Forest Temple….Ferrus.

Race Hylian
Games Spirit Tracks
Location Snow Realm

Is there a walkthrough for Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks?

Walkthrough: Check out our walkthrough for Link’s latest adventure, including puzzle solutions and boss encounter. Secrets: Track down every heart piece with our list! Whether it was his steed in Ocarina of Time or the ship in Wind Waker, Link always knows how to get around in style.

How do you get to the castle in Zelda Spirit Tracks?

Speak with the one on the left and answer his questions to gain access to the castle. On the first floor, speak with the guard blocking access to the stairs dead-ahead to gain access to the ceremony beyond. After the ceremony, check out the letter , Zelda handed you by accessing the “Collections” screen.

Where is the whistle in Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks?

From the get-go, kick the train into top-gear via the gearbox on the right–this baby has four settings, from top to bottom: Fastest, Fast, Stop, and Reverse. You’ll also find a train whistle in the top-right corner, useful for scaring dumb animals off the tracks.

Where are the Spirit Tracks in the snow realm?

For now, start heading to the Snow area by taking the tracks in the northwest corner of the map. Once you finally emerge from the wooded area, you’ll come to a large boulder that is blocking the path! Use the newly acquired cannon a few times and blast away at this nuisance.