How do you get rich on Woozworld?

How do you get rich on Woozworld?

In Woozworld, you can earn Beex in lots of different ways. When you become a Subscriber, you can earn up to three times as many Beex, for each of your actions. Achievements you complete earns you more Beex. Check your list to see what Achievements await you.

How do you sell on Woozworld?

Click on Your items on the bottom right corner of your Marketplace window. Click on “ADD ITEM” , this will open your inventory, simply drag and drop the item. You can also add items directly from your inventory as show below; Set the quantity and the price you want to sell your items for.

How do you go places in Woozworld?

Put your Unitz in Edit mode, roll your cursor over the door and click on the “Set destination” button. Open a navigation map by clicking on the My World or Woozworld icon. Drag the image of the Unitz or Zone of your choice to the destination box. Click OK to finish.

How do you trade on Woozworld?

You can trade as many items as you want as often as you want. To initiate a trade with another Woozen via Woozworld 10; Click/Tap on the “Trade” button on the other Woozen’s tooltip (which you can find by scrolling over the Woozen with your mouse). After you initiate a trade, wait for the other Woozen to accept.

How do you trade non tradable items in Woozworld?

How do you trade non tradable items in Woozworld?

  1. Go onto the account with the non-transferable item you would like to transfer.
  2. Wear the item.
  3. Click “New Tab” and go to Woozworld, sign out of the account with the non-transferable item, and log in to the account without the non-transferable item.

What is the point of Woozworld?

Woozworld allows users to design their own online realities where they can create their own avatar, do fun quests, set up new virtual spaces, and create their own businesses. Woozworld was mainly created for Tweens to express themselves in different ways.

How do I cancel my VIP subscription on Woozworld?

Woozworld 10 On the top right of your screen, you will need to click on the “Settings” button. And click on the “Account” tab. At the bottom of that window, click on “Manage my membership”. On that page you will be able to see the status of your subscription and cancel it if you wish to do so.