How do you ignite a Westinghouse gas oven?

How do you ignite a Westinghouse gas oven?

How to Light a White-Westinghouse Oven’s Pilot

  1. Turn off the oven if necessary. Pull open the broiler drawer at the bottom of oven.
  2. Open the oven door if you do not see the burner assembly from the broiler.
  3. Light a match lighter and hold it over the post that sits next to the burner.

Why is my gas cooker not igniting?

Your gas hob might not ignite properly if spilled food or dirt is clogging the ignition nozzles. Ignition may also fail if the nozzles, burner caps or ports are wet after cleaning. Dry the hob and the burner tops thoroughly after cleaning them.

Why does my gas oven keep igniting?

Why is this happening? In most cases, it is because the igniter in your oven is actually dirty. Grease and grime can build up on the igniter over time. It is supposed to heat up to light the gas, but when it has to heat up through a great deal of dirt, it does not light as quickly, allowing the gas to build up .

Is the Westinghouse gor474sng still in use?

Westinghouse GOR474SNG has been discontinued. See all Westinghouse Wall Ovens. Built-in ovens aren’t just functional, they can deliver a seamless kitchen aesthetic, too. This buying guide will help you choose the right wall oven for your space. Cleaning & Maintenance? Product is used? Your trust is our top concern.

Why does my Westinghouse freestyle 472 gas oven not ignite?

My Westinghouse Freestyle 472 gas oven takes a while to light and therefore the strong smell of Gas lingers for a while after the oven lights. Model … read more Hi my Westinghouse mod gor474sng oven is not igniting the gas elements in the bottom of the oven regularly.

Why is my Westinghouse oven not turning on?

First, the igniter draws electrical current through the oven safety valve to open it. Second, the igniter gets hot enough to glow and ignite the gas in the burner assembly. If the igniter gets weak, it will fail to open the safety valve correctly.

What does a hot surface igniter do on a gas stove?

Hot Surface Igniter. The hot surface igniter is used in modern gas oven burners to open the gas valve and to ignite the gas. As the igniter draws electric current it will heat to a high temperature and glow, as well as cause the bi-metal in the oven safety valve to warp and open the valve releasing the gas to be ignited.