How do you say full in different languages?

How do you say full in different languages?

In other languages full

  1. American English: full /ˈfʊl/
  2. Arabic: مـُمْتَلِيء
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: cheio.
  4. Chinese: 满的
  5. Croatian: pun.
  6. Czech: plný
  7. Danish: fuld fyldt op.
  8. Dutch: vol.

What is the word finished in different languages?

The word finished in different languages has different names….How to Say Finished in 88 Different Languages.

Different Languages Word Finished
Finnish päättynyt
French fini
Galician acabado
German fertig

What we call family in all languages?

How to Say Family in European Languages

Language Translation Pronunciation
Finnish perhe pehr-heh
French famille fam-eel
German familie fa-meel-ye
Greek oikogéneia ay-ko-ye-nee-ya

What languages use familia?

The word familia has a long history of referring to close relations or connections. The Spanish familia comes from the Latin familia, source of family and familiar.

Is Voila a French word?

Voilà is a French borrowing into English that has mostly retained is Francophonic pronunciation: \vwä-ˈlä\, or \vwah-LAH\.

What language is fini?

fini in American English (fiˈni ) French. adjective. finished; through; at an end.

How do you say family in Africa?

You’ll find the word “family” in different languages across Africa sounds very distinct from each other….How to Say Family in African Languages.

Language Translation Pronunciation
Swahili familia fa-meel-e-ya
Xhosa usapho u-sah-fo
Yoruba ẹbi ay-be
Zulu umndeni umn-de-ni

What does ménage mean in English?

: a domestic establishment : household also : housekeeping.

What is the English of familia?

Meaning “the family” in Spanish, la familia variously refers in English to one’s family, circle of friends and coworkers, teammates, or other close communities or organizations.

What does Walla mean in French?

Posted by Grant Barrett on August 11, 2012 · Add Comment. Voilà (not spelled wallah or vwala or walla) is a good example of a borrowed word. Though French for “there it is,” Americans often use it as a simple utterance, akin to presto or ta-da.

What does Oula mean in French?

What does “oula” mean? Something abstract like “Oh boy”, as if “Oh boy, you did not do that!” “Oula, t’as pas fait ça !” 16 notes. 16 notes.