How do you target a saugeye?

Focus on the drop-off edge, but don’t be afraid to fish shallow flats, particularly if the water’s muddy. Most classic walleye rigs and presentations work for saugeyes, but jigs tipped with livebait are particularly effective. Starting at ice-out, drift minnow-tipped jigs close to the bottom.

How do you fish for saugeye in Ohio?

Saugeye will be loafing behind rocks, in low spots, or wherever they can avoid the worst flow of the current. So, they’re likely to be anywhere. Cast long, cast short, throw near the opposite bank, cover all of the water in front of you. Then move upstream or down, and cast again.

How do you fish for saugeye from shore?

How to Catch Walleye from Shore

  1. Jigging. Jigging can be one of the most effective ways to catch walleye from the bank.
  2. Moving Baits. My favorite way to fish for walleye, especially from shore is with moving baits.
  3. Live Bait. Few things out-fish live bait.
  4. Spillways.
  5. Current Breaks & Seams.
  6. Drop-offs/Shelves.
  7. Spring.
  8. Summer.

How do you catch a sauger?

The best way to catch sauger is with a vertical jig. Use a large and heavy one that is about an ounce heavy and made of soft plastic. Make it more enticing by tipping it with a minnow so that the fish can locate it by its scent.

How can you tell a saugeye?

To identify them, first look at the spiny dorsal fin. The walleye will have no spots on this fin; the sauger will have distinct spots; and the hybrid of the two species, the saugeye, will have spots and bars in the webbing of its spiny dorsal fin.

Are sauger good to eat?

Walleye and Sauger are two of the tastiest freshwater fish out there. Anglers around the Great Lakes and beyond love these guys for their fighting spirit and delicious, flaky meat.

Are saugeye fish good eating?

Saugers taste incredible. The firm white meat of a sauger is sought after. Some locals will tell you they like the sauger’s taste better than the walleye’s, as they believe the meat is a bit sweeter. Regardless of opinion, they taste good.

How big do saugeye get in Ohio?

12-18 inches
The average length of adults is 12-18 inches, but they can reach 30 inches on occasion. Adults usually weight 1-2 pounds, but they can sometimes weigh up to 14 pounds. The saugeye is in the Percidae (perches and darters) family.

What’s the best bait to catch saugeye?

Saugeye rarely forage above the bottom, so baits designed to be positioned on and/or dragged along the bottom are the best bet for catching Saugeye. Jigs tipped with minnows, night crawlers, or leeches are often most effective, particularly in the early spring. Deep-diving crankbaits and spoons can also be used.

Why are walleyes so hard to catch?

The main thing to catching walleyes is SLOW down. You cannot fish jigs too slowly. If you are fishing very slow then slow down some more. The thing that is overlooked a lot about fishing slow is you have to be fishing light enough for the jig to fall slowly.

Can you catch sauger at night?

These critters are also pretty light sensitive, tending to feed at night, in muddy water, or deep down below. You’ll catch your fair share of decent, 2- to 3-pound sauger on the Upper Mississippi, and especially the Illinois River in west-central Illinois.

Is sauger good to eat?

Do saugeye try to spawn?

Spawning takes place in the upstream regions of rivers in the early spring; where dams are present, Saugeyes (as well as Sauger and Walleye where the three are conspecific) may aggregate right below dams to spawn. Eggs are adhesive, and are typically laid on rocky substrates where they are fertilized by males.

What is the best fishing bait for salt water?

Some of the most common types of bait fish used for saltwater fishing include scad and anchovies. These sorts of fish are very common, and they breed quickly, which makes them ideal for using as bait – there is really no danger of overfishing them.

How do you catch a walleye?

Troll for walleye. You can catch a walleye in a boat using the method known as trolling. On your boat, cast your trolling rods off the back of your boat and let the line sink. Then, using a trolling motor, drive slowly around the lake or river.

What is a saugeye fish?

The Saugeye is a hybrid fish created by crossing a female walleye with a male sauger. Saugeyes can be taken with light spinning and bait casting tackle using spinners, spoons, or live bait like minnows or night crawlers.