How do you turn off the flashlight in the impossible test?

How do you turn off the flashlight in the impossible test?

Tap the light blue “blue” lollipop, then pink, then purple, then red. 71. Drag the rectangle off the flashlight, then drag the battery out of the compartment.

How do you stop the ants in the impossible test summer?

Touch and drag the word “seeds” onto the watermelon, then each seed. 17. Quickly shake the device to stop the ants.

What does boggy look like?

As Agent Folder describes,the real Boggy’s appearance looks like some kind of frog-like amphibian creature with huge black eyes, a protruding crest, and three claws on his hands. There are no known records of Boggy’s feet, but one of the clues reveals he has three claws on his feet (two in the front and one behind).

How do you beat level 71 on the impossible quiz?

Just like you had to do in Question 21, you must click the green choice to enter the next question. You can click any of the four option boxes as long as it’s coloured green. Clicking a red option box will take a life away from you.

What is meant by Boggy?

Boggy places are wet, muddy, and sloppy. If you plan to hike through that boggy wetland, you’re going to have to wear your waterproof boots! The adjective boggy means “like a bog,” and a bog is a swampy wetland with a whole lot of moss. Marshes and swamps, while not bogs, can definitely be described as boggy.

What does boggy heel mean?

Now, in medical terms, ‘boggy’ refers to abnormal texture of tissues characterized by sponginess, usually because of high fluid content. The NPIAP defines deep tissue injury as tissue that is painful, firm, mushy, warmer, or cooler to the touch compared with adjacent tissue. And 42% of all DTIs manifest on the heel.

What is the answer to level 77 on the impossible quiz?

Question 77 of The Impossible Quiz is another picture question, asking “What is this?”. There is a picture of an object which resembles some kind of bag or oven glove with a red “T” on it. The possible choices are “Teabag”, “Testicle”, “Mr T’s oven glove”, and “Question 77”.

How do you beat level 75 on the impossible quiz?

Question 75 of The Impossible Quiz simply tells you to “Be prepared”. There is a large bomb in the centre of the screen with a match being lit to it. Right after it has been lit, a one-second timer appears on the bomb, along with the message “Think fast!” in red above it.

What is a boggy area called?

Boggy land is very wet and muddy land. Synonyms: marshy, muddy, waterlogged, spongy More Synonyms of boggy.

What does a Stage 1 pressure sore look like?

Stage 1 sores are not open wounds. The skin may be painful, but it has no breaks or tears. The skin appears reddened and does not blanch (lose colour briefly when you press your finger on it and then remove your finger).

What does Blanchable redness mean?

Blanching is usually the primary indicator of an impending ulcer formation. Erythema represents redness on the skin that can be blanched. It can be seen in a variety of inflammatory skin disorders. Blood vessels on the skin, such as vascular lesions like spider veins, are blanchable.