How do you unlock all courses on Wii Sports Resort?

How do you unlock all courses on Wii Sports Resort?

Beat every course with a total score of under par for each (-1 or lower) to unlock the mystery course called “Three Holes – Special.” You can do this for both Golf and Frisbee Golf. Unlocking the course for one will not do the same for the other.

Who is the strongest Mii in Wii Sports?

Matt is the only CPU Mii to be the Champion of more than one sport, and the only one to be a Champion in both Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.

What happens when you get all the stamps in Wii Sports Resort?

Stamps are accomplishments that the player can earn in Wii Sports Resort. Some stamps give secret rewards. Every time the player gets a stamp a congratulations message is sent to the Wii message board. All stamps can be collected in single-player mode.

How do you cheat on Wii Sports golf?

Immediate Pro There’s a way to become classified a “PRO” in golf without even playing one round. When you type in your name in the Mii settings page before you play Wii golf, simply type the word PRO after your name. After submitting this, hold down the 1 & 2 buttons while you select which game you want.

What do you get for being pro in Wii Sports?

1000 skill points
After obtaining 1000 skill points in a sport, a player is awarded “pro” level, along with a cosmetic feature for their Mii in Bowling and Boxing. A Mii newly turned pro will receive a message on the Wii Message Board notifying them.

How do you unlock 100 pin bowling on Wii Resort?

100-Pin Game

  1. Super Strike: Knock all 100 pins down with one huge strike.
  2. Split Spare: Complete a spare after getting a split on your first throw.
  3. Off the Wall: Hit the gutter guard once and then get a strike.
  4. Secret Strike: Word is, there’s a somewhat unusual way to get a strike.

Can you beat Matt in Wii Sports?

It’s impossible to beat Matt. He is the greatest opponent of all time.

Who is the most skilled Mii?

Best Miis

  • Guru Ant | Highest skill = Infinity+
  • Rebecca | Highest skill = Infinity.
  • Motak | Highest skill = 1 Quindezilliquingentillinillimillion (93 billion zeros)
  • Steve | Highest skill = 1 Quindezilliquingentillinillimillion (93 billion zeros)
  • Ella | Highest skill = 103058 (3058 zeros)

How do you get straight to the point on Wii Sports Resort?

Straight to the Point: Push your opponent out of the ring with a lunge in single-player mode. Hint: Do this in the final round. 4. One-Hint Wonder: Push your opponent out of the ring with only one strike in the single-player mode.

How do you get more golf courses in Wii Sports?

Select the Wii Shop Channel by pointing at it with your Wii remote and clicking the “A” button. Expand the search function and search for “Wii Sports Golf” or a similar phrase that will locate downloadable courses for Wii Sports. Choose a course or set of courses.

What’s the fastest you can throw in Wii baseball?

When pitching, a player can throw balls up to 100 mph. Press the directional pad when you are about to pitch to decide in what direction you’d like to throw: “Left” for inside pitch, “right” for outside pitch, and “up” or “down” to throw over the plate. Raise your Wii Remote to begin to pitch.

How do you get a golden ball in Wii Sports bowling?

To get your hands on a gold bowling ball, simply hold right on the Wii Remote +Control Pad whilst confirming your Mii selection before the game and keep it held down until the safety message screen is displayed.

How do you unlock stars on Wii Sports Resort?

At the “Select a Mii ” screen before an event starts, hold a direction on the directional pad to change the color of the ball. The following directions correspond to these four colors: You can also unlock a bowling ball covered in stars for each bowling event by attaining Pro Level (1000 points).

What are the secrets of Wii Sports Resort?

Finish each of the 3-hole courses (Resort A, B, C and Classic A, B, C) under par each to unlock the special 3 holes. Contributed By: pedro. When playing on any stage, telling the color of a Mii’s armor can help you identify their strategy of attack.

How to get a Turkey on Wii Sports Resort?

Bowl three strikes in a row to get a turkey. Knock down the headpin in every game. Catch and link up with 4 other Mii characters and make sure everyone’s face is visible when the camera snaps. Get a score of 200 points or more to receive this stamp. Take down the champions in a pickup game!

When to let go of ipoints on Wii?

You can let go of when you see the black warning/info screen. You then play a game with no iPoints or Balloons. When you have found over 70 iPoints, doing this will also provide you with an unlimited amount of time to fly. Based on the precise number of iPoints collected, the player will unlock some features.