How do you unlock the Simpsons front loader?

How do you unlock the Simpsons front loader?

If you need to open the door, you must first set the washing machine to PAUSE by pressing the Start/Pause button and then wait about 2 minutes. After you have closed the door, press the Start/Pause button again. To start the selected programme, press the Start/Pause button; the green pilot light stops flashing.

How do you reset a Simpson front load washer?

First, you should perform a general reset of the machine. Turn the machine off at the powerpoint, wait for one minute, and then turn it back on. If you see no change, you can try a Master Reset. This will reset all of the onboard componentry and is often successfully used by appliance technicians.

What does E11 mean on a Simpson washing machine?

An E11 error code on a Hoover washing machine will indicate that you have a fault with the drying sensor. If the drying sensor is damaged or faulty then you will find yourself with a washer dryer with won’t dry your clothes after they have been washed.

Where do you put liquid detergent in a front loader?

Select a Cottons cycle at 90 °C, without any laundry in the machine, to remove any manufacturing residue from the drum and tub. Pour 1/2 a measure of detergent into the dispenser drawer and start the machine. DAILY USE 5.

What causes a wash machine not to spin?

An unbalanced load of laundry is one of the most common causes of an inadequate spin cycle. Sometimes clothing can settle on one side of the drum, throwing off the motion of the washing machine. (This happens most often when washing large and heavy items like comforters or heavy coats.)

What is error 20 on a Simpson washing machine?

Use less soap powder. When a lot of soap powder is used or a lot of foam is produced, the level system can get blocked by foam. You can fix this by switching off the machine and shaking the drum forwards and backwards several times. Clean the drain pump/filter and then run a hot wash without any soap powder.

What is the user manual for a Simpson washing machine?


How to turn on the front load washer?

– – 1 2 10 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 Program Selector Knob 3 4 Temperature Button 5 Spin Selection Button 6 Rinse Hold Button Quick Wash Button 7 Rinse Plus Button 8 Display and Door Lock Indicator 9 Start/Pause Button 10 Delay Start Button Child Lock Option 9 Control Panel 7 3.1 Program Selector Knob

How long does it take to reset safety lock on front load washer?

When the program has finished it may take up to 2 minutes for the safety lock to reset before the door can be opened. If you want to open the door during the wash program refer to the user manual.

Where can I find the front load washer instruction booklet?

Front Load Washer Instruction Booklet SWF10732 7.0 Kg Front Load Washer Instruction Booklet CONTENTS CUSTOMER CARE AND SERVICE 2 Contents / Customer Care And Service