How does your period affect your fertility?

How does your period affect your fertility?

Women who started menstruating at younger than 12 years old, or at age 15 and older, also had reduced fertility, compared with those who started at ages 12 to 13, the study found. There was little association between heavy or prolonged menstrual flow and fertility.

Can you have regular periods and still be infertile?

The short answer to this question is yes. You can certainly struggle with infertility and still have a period every month. Most fertility problems arise from an ovulation disorder that could influence your period. But your struggles with conception could be caused by other factors.

Does having less periods affect fertility?

Irregular menstrual cycles don’t always affect fertility. In fact, plenty of women with irregular menstrual cycles get pregnant and go on to have normal pregnancies. So if you’re wondering whether irregular periods mean infertility, the answer is no, but this may make it harder for you to get pregnant.

Does a heavier period mean you’re more fertile?

If regular menstruation occurs, we can assume that ovulation takes place regularly as well. However, the assumption that heavier periods lead to higher fertility is not correct. In this context, it is much more important that periods are as regular and healthy as possible.

Does light period mean low fertility?

In most cases, having a light period isn’t anything to be too concerned about. If you’ve always had a pretty light period, or if it’s always been on the short side, rejoice! This certainly shouldn’t affect your chances of getting pregnant.

How does an irregular period affect fertility?

Fertility depends on ovulation – the release of a healthy egg from the ovary – rather than on menstruation. As long as you’re ovulating normally and can determine when ovulation occurs, your chances of getting pregnant won’t be affected by irregular periods. The exception to this rule is if your cycles are very long.

Does a long menstrual cycle effect fertility?

Impact on Fertility Menstrual cycles lasting such a long time usually means that ovulation is not occurring or that ovulation takes a very long time to happen. This will leave a woman with fertility problems and difficulty in conceiving. 9.

Can irregular periods affect IVF cycle?

As far as IVF is concerned, irregular periods are not likely to affect IVF cycle. This is because, in IVF, medications are given from outside to grow more eggs.

Can bad menstrual cramps affect your fertility?

Another possible cause of bad menstrual cramps that can also impact your fertility is pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). PID is caused by an infection in the reproductive organs, often an untreated or under-treated sexually transmitted infection.