How is CGPA calculated for Bput?

How is CGPA calculated for Bput?

For BPUT CALCULATION OF SGPA AND CGPA Let us understand following terms:

  1. a) Point: Each letter grade is assigned a number from 2 to 10.
  2. b) Credit: Each item of study is assigned a number based on their relative importance and number of contact hours.
  3. c) Credit Points: For each course item = a) X b)

How is CGPA degree calculated?

CGPA is a Cumulative Grade Point Average set by educational institutes to measure students’ performance….For example:

  1. Add these points: 5+7+6+6+8 = 32.
  2. Now divide by total subjects: 32/5 = 6.4.
  3. Now your CGPA points are 6.4.
  4. Finally multiply CGPA with 9.5 scale: 6.4*9.5 = 60.8.
  5. So the student’s percentage is 60.8%.

What is the grading system in Bput?

Grade sheet would be issued year wise to students who have cleared all the subjects as per the syllabus. Grade C shall be considered as average, Grade D shall be pass Grade for theory and Grade C shall be Pass Grade for Practical / Sessional Project / Seminar / Viva – Voce.

What is the percentage of 8.7 CGPA?

CGPA To Percentage Conversion Table

CGPA to Percentage Chart
8.7 82.65 5.7
8.6 81.7 5.6
8.5 80.75 5.5
8.4 79.8 5.4

What is the formula to convert CGPA into percentage?

To convert CGPA to percentage, all you need to do is multiply your CGPA by 9.5. This formula is provided on the official website of CBSE for class IX and X. For example, if you have got 9.4 CGPA then the equivalent percentage would be 9.4*9.5 = 89.3%.

What is the percentage of 7 CGPA?

CGPA to Marks Formula for CBSE For example, you received 7 CGPA in 12th, then your total percentage of marks would be, 7×9.5= 66.5%.

What is the pass mark in Bput?

Tech passing grade in Theory is D, i.e. passing marks are 37% points. For practical/ sessional/ seminar/ project /viva passing grade is C, i.e. passing marks are 50% points. For B. Pharm passing grade in Theory is D, i.e. passing marks are 37% points.

What is the full form of Bput?

The Biju Patnaik University of Technology ( BPUT ), Orissa, with its head-quarters in Rourkela came into being in November 2002 through an act of the Government.