How long does it take to process a 4187?

How long does it take to process a 4187?

Your DA Form 4187 will be routed to your S1 for input into the system (EDAS) or will be sent to your branch manager for approval. Based on my experience, branch managers usually make a decision within a week.

What army regulation covers personnel accountability?

Army Regulation 600-8-6 (Personnel Accounting and Strength Reporting) prescribes policies for personnel accounting and strength reporting; institutes internal controls for strength reports, the Personnel Register, and the Personnel Asset Inventory; and prescribes the use of the following: DA Form 647 (Personnel …

How do I request a transfer in the army?

Locate the Army Reserve unit that you’d like to transfer to, and meet with a recruiter from that unit. Your recruiter will provide you with the DD Form 368 – Request for Conditional Release, and find a slot for you in the unit.

What does D mean in military?

Charge of Quarters (a desk duty that is often 24 hours) D. Delta. DA. Department of the Army.

What is Efmp screening?

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is a Department of Defense program designed to identify and document the special medical and/or educational needs of a soldier’s family members and ensure that those needs are considered during the assignment process.

What army regulation covers charge of quarters?

The SDNCO is responsible for the conduct of the charge of quarters (CQ) (if assigned) and the good order and discipline of the area in the absence of the command sergeant major.

Can you pick your unit in the army?

In the Army, an enlisted job is called an “MOS,” or “Military Occupation Specialty.” The Army is the only service that offers a guaranteed job (MOS) to everyone. If the job you want is not available, your only choices are to choose a different job, or not enlist.

How hard is it to transfer reserve units?

Transferring from one Army Reserve unit to another is a simple process. As long as your current unit is not scheduled for an overseas deployment in the near future, your commander will approve your transfer. A transfer from one unit to another can be completed in one to two weeks.

What does CQ stand for?

Acronym Definition
CQ Customer Quality
CQ Calling Any Station (Morse Code abbreviation)
CQ Seek You (radio shorthand)
CQ Charge of Quarters

Why is it called H Hour?

The terms D-day and H-hour are used for the day and hour on which a combat attack or operation is to be initiated. The letters are derived from the words for which they stand, “D” for the day of the invasion and “H” for the hour operations actually begin.

Where can I find the DA Form 4187?

This form can be used for numerous personnel actions, so it is recommended that you have available as much information about your specific action before completing the form. The DA Form 4187 is available on the United States Army website or can be supplied by the U.S. Army personnel division administering the physical fitness test.

What’s the DA Form for requesting a personnel action?

A DA Form 4187 is the United States Army’s form for requesting a personnel action.

When to use DA Form 41arng edition of Feb 81?


When to use DA PAM 600-8-21 form?

PERSONNEL ACTION For use of this form, see DA PAM 600-8-21; the proponent agency is ODSPER. DATA REQUIRED BY THE PRIVACY ACT OF 1974 AUTHORITY: Title 5, Section 3012; Title 10, USC, E.O. 9397 PRICIPAL PURPOSE: Used by soldier in accordance with DA PAM 600-8-21 when requesting a personnel action on his/her own