How long is school in Libya?

How long is school in Libya?

35 weeks
Academic Year: Libya’s school year consists of 35 weeks of instruction. Students attend school 6 days per week or 280 days per year. School begins in September. Language of Instruction: Arabic is the language of instruction.

What is the education like in Tripoli?

Education is free and compulsory between the ages 6 and 15 years of age. It is free if students decide to continue their studies thereafter. Adult literacy is high at 76.2 percent; this approaches levels seen in developed nations. The capital Tripoli has a population of 1.6 million people.

How old do you have to be to go to school in Libya?

Children in Libya complete the final three years of basic education in middle school. After middle school, at the age of 15, they are awarded a basic education certificate. They then have the choice between finding work or going on to secondary school. Classes in public schools are taught in Arabic.

Is there a Ministry of Education in Libya?

Although no figures were found for government expenditures on education, Libyan television announced on September 1, 2004, that a new ministry for education had been formed, the General People’s Committee for Higher Education.

Are there any good private schools in Libya?

There are a limited number of private schools operating in Libya. These schools charge high fees but offer a better standard of teaching with smaller classes. However, they still follow the national curriculum as determined by the Secretariat of Education and Culture.

What do expats do for their kids in Libya?

In Libya, tutoring is becoming increasingly popular and many parents opt to employ private tutors for their children. Both expats and locals make use of tutors for a variety of reasons including subject-specific learning, language coaching and exam preparation.