How long should a Mercedes timing chain last?

How long should a Mercedes timing chain last?

In a well-maintained engine, a timing chain can last up to 300,000 miles or even longer.

Do Mercedes timing chains need to be replaced?

Timing chain is an internal component and should not be changed unless the engine goes bad…. You have to dismantle the engine to change it. It should not wear under normal use…just like you would not change the pistons as a maintenance job….

What are the symptoms of a bad timing chain?

What are the symptoms of a bad timing chain?

  • The engine misfires. Once a timing chain is stretched and has lost its integrity, the chain may skip a gear and lose the necessary coordination leading to an engine misfire.
  • There is a rattling sound.
  • Check your car’s oil for metal shavings.

When to replace timing chain on Mercedes B class?

Always when you replace the timing chain Buy the OEM raplacment set. ( Mercedes parts) It usually lasts 300-400k km on a B class. / (Diesel) Yeah it’s not like in old mercedes cars where it lasts for at least 800k km. Alo i think a good practice when doing the chain job to change the water pump, thermostat and a clutch job. ( cause engine is out)

Is the timing chain on a 2004 Merc C180 Kompressor?

2004 Merc C180 Kompressor (W203) Timing chain & service schedule? These cars have a timing chain that don’t require replacement I gather? If so do they require any adjustments etc at certain intervals? Does anybody have the items changed/checked for A/B services & km’s travelled? Oi! Leave me out of this…

When to change the timing chain on your car?

Wait until ~ 400,000 kms to think about that timing chain work.. Yeah, timing chain doesn’t have a change interval. It’s a car life time item ( aka warranty period). You change the timing chain when it’s starts rattling. You can notice this noise on cold starts.

Why is my timing chain stretching on my Merc?

Cars with cambelts are the pits! The timing chain is a well known issue with that model of Merc. They used a single chain instead of a double chain, and they tend to start stretching. As the chain stretches, it starts to wear the sprockets, and once those wear you can do a lot of damage to the engine.