How many awards did the book The Cay win?

How many awards did the book The Cay win?

The Cay, by Theodore Taylor, won 11 literary awards.

Why is The Cay a banned book?

In 2020, the Burbank Unified School District banned the book from the curriculum on the back of complaints from four parents who allege the material in the book could lead to potential harm to the district’s Black students.

What is the SS Hato?

602 answers. Phillip and his mother were on a ship called the S. S. Hato. In later chapters, sometimes he simply calls it “the Hato.” (“S. S.” means “Steam Ship,” and “Hato” is the name of an airport on Curacao; it’s also a last name. So the name of the vessel basically means “Steam Ship Hato.”)

Is the cay on the list of Addams Award winners?

Even though The Cay remains on the list of Addams Award winners, Taylor’s claim is widely thought to be true and has become a part of reading and discussing the book as required reading in schools in dozens of U.S. states as well as internationally.

What happens at the end of the book The Cay?

Phillip learns to overcome his disdain for Timothy and develops a strong bond of friendship by the end of the novel, as Timothy takes care of Phillip and teaches him to survive independently, to the point where Phillip no longer needs him. Airplanes fly over the cay, but they do not see Timothy and Phillip, lengthening their time stranded there.

Who is the author of the Cay by Theodore Taylor?

The Cay is a teen novel written by Theodore Taylor. It was published in 1969. The Cay took only three weeks to complete. Taylor based the character of the boy in his book on a child who was aboard the Hato, when it was torpedoed, who drifts out to sea on a lifeboat. The novel was published in 1969 and dedicated to Martin Luther King, Jr.

How long did Phillip and Timothy live in the Cay?

With few supplies, they live alone together for two months, fishing and collecting rain water. The cay is only one mile long and half a mile in width. Initially, the pair display significant difficulty in being able to tolerate and work with each other, often because of young white Phillip’s racial prejudice against the elderly black Timothy.