How many capitals has Nigeria had?

How many capitals has Nigeria had?

Abuja has been the capital of Nigeria since 1991, but prior to that, there have been other official and unofficial capitals. Lagos was the first official capital of Nigeria before the capital was moved to Abuja. See the other states that have claimed to have been capitals and why.

What is the former capital of Nigeria?

Abuja, city, capital of Nigeria. It lies in the central part of Nigeria, in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT; created 1976). The city is approximately 300 miles (480 km) northeast of Lagos, the former capital (until 1991).

What was the first capital in Nigeria?

According to Wikipedia, the city of Calabar served once as the capital of the Niger Coast Protectorate, the Southern Protectorate, and the Oil River protectorate, making it the first official capital of Nigeria until the late nineteenth century.

What is the 36 state?

List of Nigeria’s 36 States with their Capitals and Current Governors

S. No State Capital
1 Abia State Umuahia
2 Adamawa State Yola
3 Akwa Ibom State Uyo
4 Anambra State Awka

Which state is richest in Nigeria?

Lagos State
List of Nigerian states by GDP

Rank State GDP (in millions of USD)
1 Lagos State US$33,679
2 Rivers State US$21,073
3 Delta State US$16,749
4 Oyo State US$16,121

Which state in Nigeria is most educated?

List by UNESCO (2012)

Rang State literacy rate (in %)
1 Lagos State 92.0
2 Osun State 80.0
3 Anambra State 75.1
4 Ekiti State 74.7