How many cryptid hunters books are there?

How many cryptid hunters books are there?

3 book
Cryptid Hunters (3 book series) Kindle Edition.

What genre is Cryptid hunters?

Science fiction
MysteryFantasy Fiction
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What is Roland Smith best known for?

Roland Smith is a zookeeper turned children’s author who has carved a niche for himself both in nonfiction and fiction with such award-winning titles as Sea Otter Rescue, Journey of the Red Wolf, Thunder Cave, Jaguar, and Sasquatch.

What is the first book in the cryptid hunters series?

“Cryptid Hunters” by Roland Smith is the first novel in the “Cryptid Hunters” series and was released in 2004. After Grace and Marty’s parents die, they move in with their Uncle Wolfe, who they did not know even existed before.

Who is Roland Smith married to?

Marie Smith
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How old is Roland Smith?

69 years (November 30, 1951)
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How do you get Demon Twins on Arsenal?

To earn the skin Demon Pair, collect five skulls around the map by looking at them and pressing the E key. The locations of these skulls are: Next to the small white booth, near the drop tower.

Is Cryptid hunters a series?

The Cryptid Hunters is a series of young adult science fiction/fantasy/adventure novels by American author Roland Smith. The series follows 13 year-old twins named Grace and Marty O’Hara.

How many children does Roland Smith have?

Do you have children? Yes, three stepchildren: Bethany, Shawn, and Niki.

Who is the author of the book Cryptid Hunters?

Cryptid Hunters is a 2004 novel by Roland Smith about twins living with their uncle who fall out of a plane into the Congolese jungle. Their uncle comes searching for them, but his enemy Noah Blackwood is in the same jungle, and their uncle must get to them before Blackwood does.

How old are the characters in Cryptid Hunters?

Cryptid Hunters From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Cryptid Hunters is a 2005 young adult science fiction novel by Roland Smith; it follows the adventures of thirteen-year-old siblings Grace and Marty O’Hara, who are sent to live with their Uncle Wolfe after their parents are lost in an accident.

Who is Noah Blackwood in the book Cryptid Hunters?

He is an anthropologist on a remote island, searching for cryptids, which are animals thought to be extinct or not to exist. His rival Noah Blackwood, a popular animal collector, tries to acquire an alleged dinosaur egg from Wolfe, and the twins get involved in the conflict which reveals a convoluted family history.