How many drinks does a bib make?

How many drinks does a bib make?

Estimated Servings Based on Cup Size

Cup Size Total oz. of syrup used Total number of servings per 5-gallon BIB**
16 oz. 3 214
20 oz. 4 160
24 oz. 4 to 5 128 to 160
32 oz. 6 to 7 107 to 128

How many sodas do you get out of a 5 gallon BIB?

30 gallons
A 5 gallon Bag-in-Box syrup will yield approximately 30 gallons of soda. A 2.5 gallon will yield approximately 15 gallons.

What is a soda bib?

Today, the syrup often is pumped from a special container called a bag-in-box (BiB). The soda jerk’s fountain generally dispensed only unflavored carbonated water, to which various syrups were added by hand.

How much does a 5 gallon box of soda syrup weigh?

every last drop will be used, giving you the maximum profits possible. The dimensions are 11″ wide x 8″ high x 16″ deep. It weighs only 54lbs.

What is the profit margin on fountain drinks?

Soft drinks turn huge profits A large soft drink may only cost you a couple of dollars, but for restaurants that can translate up to a 90 percent profit margin. Each soft drink sold costs the restaurant less than a quarter.

How much does a Coke fountain cost?

How much it costs: Prepare to pay for convenience. The machine, made by Taunton, Mass. -based MooBella Inc., costs $20,000, while Coca-Cola’s Freestyle is available on lease for $320 per month. From syrup to soda, it costs on average 30 percent more than a standard fountain machine to operate.

What is it called when you mix all sodas?

No matter what you call it — swamp water, graveyard, suicide — there’s a way to mix all the fountain sodas into something surprisingly delicious. Depending on where and when you grew up, you might know it by a different name. Some call it swamp water. Some call it a graveyard. Some call it the suicide.

What is the ratio of Coke syrup to water?

5 to 1 ratio
Your soda fountain system will mix water and syrup at a 5 to 1 ratio. Divide cup size by 6 for number of ounces of syrup used per cup. Divide oz. of syrup used per cup by 640 total oz.

What is McDonald’s most profitable item?

TIL that the most profitable item on McDonald’s menu is its fountain drink. It costs between 13 and 18 cents to produce a drink. Therefore, when you buy a fountain drink for $1.00, they are gaining more than 80% profit per fountain drink.