How many gallons of gas does a 2010 Chevy Aveo hold?

How many gallons of gas does a 2010 Chevy Aveo hold?

Dimensions, Weights & Capacities

Curb Weight 2568 pounds
EPA Passenger 90.9 cubic feet
EPA Total Interior 98.0 cubic feet
Fuel Capacity 12.0 gallons
Front Head Room 39.3 inches

How many gallons does a 2008 Chevy Aveo hold?

Dimensions, Weights & Capacities

Curb Weight 2343 pounds
EPA Total Interior 107.4 cubic feet
Fuel Capacity 11.0 gallons
Front Head Room 39.2 inches
Front Leg Room 41.2 inches

What kind of gas does a Chevy Aveo take?

Chevrolet Aveo and Aveo 5 – Aveo and Aveo 5

Type: 1.6L DOHC I-4
Torque (lb-ft / Nm @ rpm): 106 / 143 @ 3800
Recommended fuel: regular unleaded
Emission controls: catalytic converter / GMNA System Zero
Estimated fuel economy (city / hwy): 27 / 34 (manual) 25 / 34 (automatic)

Are Chevy Aveo good on gas?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, an automatic 2010 Chevy Aveo achieves fuel economy of 25 miles per gallon in city driving and 34 miles per gallon on the highway. If you’re a driver looking to squeeze even more miles out of every gallon of gas in your Aveo, there are a number of ways you can do it.

Is Chevrolet Aveo a good car?

Exterior Excellent Solid Looks, Great Style. Interior (Features, Space & Comfort) A Comfortable car in terms of space. Interiors are eye-catching, Features are OK. Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox Engine performance is OK as to Chevrolet can give it a more powerful one, atleast a 1.5L.

How many gears does a Chevy Aveo have?

The 1.8-liter inline-four is mated to a standard five-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission, while the 1.4-liter turbo has a six-speed manual transmission.

What size gas tank does a 2011 Chevy Aveo have?

Used 2011 Chevrolet Aveo Specs & Features

Fuel & MPG
EPA mileage est. (cty/hwy) 27/35 mpg
Fuel tank capacity 12.0 gal.
Fuel type Regular unleaded
Range in miles (cty/hwy) 324.0/420.0 mi.

How many gallons does a 2011 Chevy Aveo hold?

Compare Side-by-Side

2011 Chevrolet Aveo
Annual Fuel Cost* $1,700
Cost to Drive 25 Miles $2.81
Cost to Fill the Tank $38
Tank Size 12.0 gallons

What problems do Chevy Aveo have?

Some of the most common problems with the Chevy Aveo involve the engine. Many of the earliest models that used Chevy’s 1.4-liter and 1.6-liter four-cylinder engines experienced misfire due to issues with the seating of the valves. This problem could be fixed by replacing the faulty valves.

How bad is the Chevy Aveo?

The Chevrolet Aveo Reliability Rating is 3.5 out of 5. It ranks 20th out of 32 for all car brands. Learn more about Chevrolet Aveo Reliability Ratings.

Why did Chevy stop making the Aveo?

In March 2019, the Aveo was discontinued in South Korea. Chevrolet is discontinuing the Sonic after the 2020 model year, due to GM’s plans to convert the Orion assembly to EV production and declining sales. There are no plans for a successor.

What happened to the Chevy Aveo?

2011″ The Aveo enters its final model year in North America with few changes, as it is replaced by the all-new Chevrolet Sonic for the 2012 model year, based on the Chevrolet Aveo that keeps its name in other countries.