How many Hindu live in Pakistan now?

How many Hindu live in Pakistan now?

According to official estimates, 75 lakh Hindus live in Pakistan. However, according to the community, over 90 lakh Hindus are living in the country. The majority of Pakistan’s Hindu population is settled in Sindh province where they share culture, traditions and language with Muslim residents.

What is the population of Hindu in Pakistan in 2019?

8 million
The Pakistan Hindu Council puts the population at an estimated 8 million as of Oct 2019. The Muttahida Quami Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) member provincial assembly (MPA) Mangla Sharma also claimed the Hindu population in Pakistan to be around 10 million (4.46%) as of 2020.

Is Hindu safe in Pakistan?

There have been numerous cases of violence and discrimination against Hindus, along with other minorities. There have also been cases of violence and ill-treatment of Hindus, due to strict Blasphemy laws.

Which religion is banned in Pakistan?

Speaking in opposition to Islam and publishing an attack on Islam or its prophets are prohibited. Pakistan’s penal code mandates the death penalty or life in prison for anyone defiling the name of Muhammad.

Is Hinduism banned in Pakistan?

Progress on religious freedom is being made gradually as Pakistan transitions to democracy from Zia’s legacy, in 2016 Sindh with Pakistan’s largest Hindu minority passed a bill that outlawed forced conversions….Freedom of religion in Pakistan.

Religion Population %
Muslims ( ) 216,563,599 96.5%
Hindus ( ) 4,937,201 2.2%
Christians ( ) 2,693,018 1.2%

Is there any Hindu in Pakistan Army?

In 2008, the Pakistan Army had two Hindu officers in its Medical corps: Capt Danish and Capt Aneel Kumar. In 2019, Dr Kelash Garvada became the first-ever Hindu Major in the Pakistan Army. Besides officers, the Pakistan Army also has Hindu soldiers.

Is Christianity legal in Pakistan?

Several hundred Christians, along with Muslims themselves (though much fewer in comparison), have been prosecuted under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, and death sentences have been handed out to at least a dozen. Pakistani law mandates that any “blasphemies” of the Quran are to be met with punishment.

Are Pakistani Hindu?

The census suggests that the Muslim population in Pakistan grew by 96.47% while the population of other religious minorities reported negligible growth and even shrank in some cases. Hindus in Pakistan account for 1.73% of the total population while Christians make up for 1.27% of Pakistani residents.

Are Hindu safe in Pakistan?

What is the Muslim population in Pakistan?

Pakistan Religious diversity as per (2017 census) Religion Population Muslims: 200,352,755 Hindus: 4,444,438 Christians: 2,637,587 Others 249,220

Are there Hindus in Pakistan?

Hindus in Pakistan are primarily concentrated in Sindh, where the majority of Hindu enclaves are found in Pakistan. They speak a variety of languages such as Sindhi , Seraiki, Aer , Dhatki, Gera, Goaria, Gurgula, Jandavra, Kabutra, Koli , Loarki, Marwari, Sansi , Vaghri and Gujarati .

What are the demographics of Hinduism?

Demographics of Hinduism. Hinduism is the world’s third largest religion after Christianity and Islam , with nearly one billion adherents. Over 90 percent of all Hindus live in India.

What is the population of Pakistan?

Pakistan Population (LIVE) retrieving data… The current population of Pakistan is 203,401,157 as of Sunday, March 10, 2019, based on the latest United Nations estimates. Pakistan population is equivalent to 2.65% of the total world population.