How many subjects are there in PMR?

How many subjects are there in PMR?

The process was straightforward — seven or eight subjects from the basics including Mathematics, Bahasa Melayu, English, General Science, History, Geography plus one or two more. English and Bahasa were compulsory subjects.

What is the minimum subjects for SPM?

To qualify for SPM certification, students need to take six compulsory subjects (Bahasa Melayu, English, Islamic Studies or Moral Studies, History, Mathematics and Science) and three or four elective subjects. They are required to score a credit in Bahasa Melayu and a pass in History.

Is PT3 a PMR?

PMR was abolished in 2014 and has since replaced by school-based Form Three Assessment (PT3; Malay for Penilaian Tingkatan 3).

Who created SPM?

Yong Xun
The idea struck him when he was a Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) candidate three years ago. Yong Xun created the app to give students an alternative option to study anywhere and anytime, without having to lug their thick revision books wherever they go.

What is the full form of PMR?


Acronym Definition
PMR Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
PMR Polymyalgia Rheumatica
PMR Personnes À Mobilité Réduite (French: Disabled Persons; Belgium)
PMR Private Mobile Radio

How many subjects are there in STPM?

Students can choose from 23 subjects, and take a maximum of 5 subjects including General Studies. To apply to public universities, only the best 4 subjects (including General Studies) will be taken into account. Subjects offered in the new STPM examination are: No.

What if I fail my SPM?

Pursue diploma or certificate courses. If you’re missing a couple of credits from your SPM slip, you can also consider other pathways, such as pursuing a diploma or certificate. Completing a certificate will allow you to progress to a diploma and subsequently a degree.

How do I pass the SPM exam?

In summary, there are only two key points this article aim to prove:

  1. Actual SPM is easier to score than Trial due to lower threshold mark.
  2. SPM always repeat past questions, so it is important to finish SPM past year papers and understand the marking scheme.

When was PMR started?

The AMA established the Section on PM&R in 1945.

What does SPM stand for?


Acronym Definition
SPM Sales Performance Management (software)
SPM Suspended Particulate Matter
SPM System Power Management
SPM Spectrum Peripheral Module

What illness does PMR stand for?

Polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) is a condition that causes pain, stiffness and inflammation in the muscles around the shoulders, neck and hips.

Is PMR a serious condition?

It typically develops by age 70 and is rarely seen in people younger than 50. PMR may last from one to five years; however, it varies from person to person. Approximately 15 percent of people with PMR develop a potentially dangerous condition called giant cell arteritis.

What’s the time limit for the PMR mathematics paper?

The mathematics examination in PMR was divided into two papers, that is, Mathematics Paper 1 and Mathematics Paper 2. Paper 1 consisted of 40 multiple choice questions and is worth 40 marks. The time limit for this paper was 1 hour and 15 minutes.

How many times do you take PMR in Malaysia?

These examinations were taken three times throughout Form 3, with the best results being selected as a final grade in the PMR examination. The Malay language examination consisted of two papers, that were Paper One, and Paper Two.

What are the subjects of the PT3 exam?

Subjects 1 Malay language. The Malay language was a mandatory subject, and continues to be so in the exam’s successor, the PT3. 2 English language. 3 Mathematics. 4 Science. 5 Geography, History and Living Skills.

When was the last time the PMR was held?

This standardised examination was held annually during the first or second week of October. The passing grade depended on the average scores obtained by the candidates who sat for the examination. PMR was abolished in 2014 and has since replaced by school-based Form Three Assessment (PT3).