How many times did Lou Brock steal home in his career?

How many times did Lou Brock steal home in his career?

Stole Home 15 Times in His Career. The recent disclosure that Lou Brock had never stolen home in his 900 successful thefts came as quite a surprise. Modem players are still stealing home-Rod Carew has done it more than a dozen times in his career-but Brock, the greatest base stealer of this century, has never done it.

Who did Lou Brock get his 3000 hit off of?

Dennis Lamp
Lou Brock, knocked down with a pitch by Chicago’s Dennis Lamp, leaped to his feet and immediately knocked down the Cubs’ pitcher with a hot shot off the pitcher’s right hand. It was hit No. 3000, one which led to Page One presentation in the Post-Dispatch. “You fans here deserved to see the 3,000th hit,” Brock said.

How many times did Lou Brock steal third base?

During the record setting season seen above, Lou Brock successfully stole second base one-hundred twelve times, third base six times, but was caught stealing on his one attempt at home plate. Did you know that Lou Brock was thirty-five years old when he set this stolen base record?

How many bases did Lou Brock steal?

938 stolen bases
When he retired in 1979, Brock hung up his cleats with 938 stolen bases.

What was Lou Brock’s nickname?

The Franchise
Lou Brock

Birth Name: Louis Clark Brock
Nickname: The Franchise
Born On: 06-18-1939 (Gemini)
Born In: El Dorado, Arkansas
Died On: 09-06-2020 (500 Oldest Living)

Who is Lou Brock’s wife?

Jacqueline Laynem. 1996–2020
Virginia Danielsm. 1976–1995Katie Haym. 1960–1974
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When was Lou Brock 3000th hit?

August 13, 1979

Lou Brock’s 3,000th Hit
Date: August 13, 1979 Location: Busch Memorial Stadium, St. Louis
Club: St. Louis (NL) Opponent: Chicago (NL)
Pitcher: Dennis Lamp Hit: Single
Total career hits: 3,023

Did Lou Brock have 3000 hits?

On Aug. 13, 1979, Lou Brock became the 14th player in baseball history to accumulate 3,000 hits in a career. This is the way a fellow Hall of Famer, Rick Hummel, covered the event for the Post-Dispatch. Lou Brock said that it had turned out just about the way he had fantasized it, this 3,000th hit.

What killed Lou Brock?

September 6, 2020
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Who was Lou Brock married to?

Lou Brock/Spouse

How old is Willie Mays now?

90 years (May 6, 1931)
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Who was Lou Brocks first wife?

Katie Hay
Before embarking on his professional career in late 1960, Brock married Katie Hay; they went on to have two children together. Brock began play with St. Cloud in the Northern League but did not have to spend much time in the minors: by 1962, he was a starting outfielder for the Cubs.