How much are old green Coke bottles worth?

How much are old green Coke bottles worth?

Clear and light green straight-sided bottles were used in most of the United States and in the South and Midwest amber-colored bottles were more common. The latter is also the most valuable of the colored bottles. The straight-sided Coke bottles range in value from $25 to $400.

How much is a coke bottle from 1900 worth?

Coca-Cola bottles from the 1900s through 1970s could still be worth around $10-$30.

Are old unopened Coca Cola bottles worth anything?

Regular, vintage Coke bottles start at around $10, and anniversary models or special editions can sell for about $30, reports Country Living. Despite their age, many bottles are not especially valuable because there were so many made, according to the Coca-Cola Company.

Are full Coke bottles worth anything?

The straight-sided bottles can vary in value from $25 up to around $400, depending on the condition and the uniqueness. Amber-colored bottles, sold widely in the South and Midwest, tend to be more valuable than the clear or light green or flint straight-sided bottles that were more common in other parts of the country.

How big is a 1899 Coca Cola bottle?

Coca-Cola Circa 1899 Limited Edition 6 Pack 9.3 oz Bottles Sealed. COCA-COLA 75th Anniversary 1899 – 1974 10 Oz. Bottle ~ Chattanooga, TN FREE SHIP Christmas Coca-Cola Circa 1899 Holiday Limited Edition 6 Pack Bottles 9.3fl Oz. Coca-Cola 1899-1974 75th Anniv.

Are there any old Coke bottles that are worth anything?

If you have several vintage Coke bottles hidden away thinking they will be worth something later – you may be right. However, you probably won’t be able to retire off of your collection, and that’s because old Coke bottles are not as rare as you may think: (That is unless you happen to have an 1899 Coke bottle).

When did the first coke bottle come out?

It was in 1913 that the Coca-Cola company embarked on the marketing plan of creating a distinctive looking bottle. The goal was to have a bottle that could identify the contents as being Coke even just by feel in the dark. The contour bottle that we all grew up with came out in 1916.

How old is a 1955 bottle of Coca Cola?

*UNOPENED* Coca Cola 1955 New Bottle, Unopened. Over 60 Years Old. 1 pint 10 ounce. SCARCE NICE VINTAGE GLASS FULL UNOPENED 32 OZ. QUART ACL NDNR COCA COLA BOTTLE