How much are old Mexican bills worth?

How much are old Mexican bills worth?

For the current value of old Mexican coins, see this page. For example, a $1000 peso note dating back to the late 70’s/early 80’s is worth just one Mexican peso today. A $100,000 peso note dating back to 1991 is exchangeable today for a $100 peso note with a value of around US$9.

Are old Mexican pesos still good?

a $100,000 peso note dating back to 1991 is exchangeable today for a current-day $100 peso note; $1 and $5 peso notes dating back to pre-1975 are worth fractions of a Mexican cent and are now no more than museum pieces and collectors’ items.

Who is on the 100 year Mexican peso bill?

This 100 Mexican peso banknote commemorates the 100th anniversary of the enactment of the Constitution. The front of the note depicts former Mexican President Venustiano Carranza being sworn in by the Chairman before the Republic’s Constituent Assembly after amending Mexico’s Constitution.

What’s the value of old bank notes in Mexico?

Rummaging through old papers, notes, and travel memories you might stumble upon some bank notes with the words “ Banco de Mexico ” printed on them. Glancing at the values —$1,000 pesos, $50,000 pesos, $100,000 pesos— you may also wonder what they might be worth today.

When was the 100 year Constitution of Mexico issued?

The Banco de México issued Mexican Peso banknotes in 7 different denominations, including this 100 Mexican Pesos commemorative banknote (100th Anniversary Constitution of Mexico). They are part of the current Mexican Peso banknotes series. The Banco de México started issuing these 100 Mexican Peso banknotes in 2017.

When did the 20 Mexican pesos go out of circulation?

The Banco de Mexico started issuing these 20 Mexican Peso banknotes in 1994. They were withdrawn from circulation in 2002. The blue-gray coloured paper $20 Mexican pesos banknote shows Benito Juarez, the 26th President of Mexico.