How much does a toy transformer cost?

How much does a toy transformer cost?

Real-Time Online Price Guide Values for Transformers Toys

Figure (G1 Transformers) Sales Price
(1) Optimus Prime Sealed: $1800 Opened: $222 Loose: $117
(2) Megatron Sealed: No Data Opened: $225 Loose: $124
(3) Soundwave Sealed: $2300 Opened: $249 Loose: $54
(4) Starscream Sealed: $750 Opened: $194 Loose: $78

What is the most popular transformer toy?

Transformers Cyberverse Grimlock Grimlock is one of the most popular Transformers. I’m pretty sure most lists go: Optimus, Megatron, then Grimlock. It’s a robot that can turn into a freaking dinosaur!

Which Transformers toys are worth money?

Most Expensive Transformers Toys and Collectibles

  1. G1 Jetfire. Type of toy: Action figure.
  2. G1 Pepsi Optimus Prime. Type of toy: Action figure.
  3. Transformers #1 Signed by Stan Lee. Type of toy: Comic book.
  4. G1 Starscream. Type of toy: Action figure.
  5. G1 Soundwave. Type of toy: Action figure.
  6. G1 Fortress Maximus.
  7. G1 Inferno.
  8. G1 Ramjet.

Are Transformer toys worth anything?

Case in point, Transformers toys. While the old Transformers cartoon shows and Transformers: The Movie (1986) are beloved today, it’s the toys that get the big ticket prices. It should come as no surprise that the original toys are worth the most, some fetching prices for that of a used car.

What is the rarest transformer toy?

10 Rarest Transformers Toys in the Universe

  • Giant Black Zarak.
  • Unicron with Kranix Platinum Edition.
  • G1 Guyhawk.
  • Headmaster Minerva.
  • C-16 Galva Lio Convoy Lucky Draw.
  • Lucky Draw Crayola Convoy Robot Masters G1.
  • Optimus Optimal Prototype.
  • Meister – Mazda RX-8 Mayuko Iwasa Edition.

What does a transformer actually transform?

A transformer is an electrical device that uses electromagnetic induction to pass an alternating current (AC) signal from one electric circuit to another, often changing (or “transforming”) the voltage and electric current.

What is the hardest transformer to transform?

Of the three, Sideburn was by far the most difficult. The fact that the design is asymmetric makes it hard to visualize how he should fold onto himself and transform. It is also a very tight fit getting everything into the car.

Who is the strongest transformer?

The Most Powerful Transformers Ranked

  • Bruticus.
  • Trypticon.
  • Metroplex.
  • Omega Supreme.
  • Vector Prime.
  • Galvatron.
  • Unicron.
  • Primus. Brother to Unicron and the only being in the universe who can stand up to him, Primus is the stand-in for God in the Transformers universe.

What is the hardest transformer toy transform?

What is the most popular Transformer?

Autobots, roll out!

  • #8 Prowl.
  • #7 Jetfire/Skyfire.
  • #6 Ironhide.
  • #5 Hot Rod aka Rodimus Prime.
  • #4 Drift.
  • #3 Grimlock.
  • #2 Bumblebee. Everyone’s favorite yellow Autobot makes his way to #2 on our list.
  • #1 Optimus Prime. Coming in at #1 is the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime.

Does a transformer convert AC to DC?

The term AC to DC transformer refers to a transformer that is connected to an AC rectification circuit. After increasing or decreasing the AC voltage, the rectification circuit converts the AC voltage to DC voltage. Often, you’ll find AC to DC transformers in the form of an adapter that plugs into the mains socket.

What are the two types of transformer?

There are two types of potential transformers; the conventional wound type (or electromagnetic type) and the capacitor voltage (potential) transformer.

Where can I buy transformers action figures online?

Shop for official Transformers toys & action figures at’s online store. Plus tons more Hasbro & Takara toys sold here. close Need your order delivered in time for the Holidays?

Are there any Transformers toys in the studio series?

Reach past the big screen and build the ultimate Transformers collection with Studio series figures (each sold separately), inspired by iconic movie scenes and designed with specs and details to reflect the Transformers movie universe.

When did the first Transformers toy come out?

For a franchise that began as a toy line of transforming mecha in 1984, Transformers has come a long way to include not only the figures that transform, but also mini-figures, vehicles, model kits, roleplay items, and even computer accessories generated by a galaxy of highly entertaining motion pictures, comic books, animation, and video games.

How big is the Transformers Studio Deluxe Class?

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Studio series Deluxe class – deluxe class figures are 4.5-Inch collectible action figures inspired by iconic movie scenes and designed with specs and details to reflect the Transformers Movie universe.