How much does Curtis Granderson make?

How much does Curtis Granderson make?

5 million USD (2018)
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How much did Curtis Granderson make in his career?

Estimated Career Earnings

Year Salary Total Cash
2014 $13,000,000 $13,000,000
2015 $16,000,000 $16,000,000
2016 $16,000,000 $16,000,000
2017 $3,606,548 $3,606,548

Does Curtis Granderson have a ring?

The numbers bear out manager Dave Roberts’ decision, but it’s still a bummer for Granderson, who has played in two World Series—2006 as a member of the Tigers and ’15 with the Mets—but hasn’t won a ring.

Where did Curtis Granderson go to high school?

UIC Business
Thornton Fractional South High School
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What is Curtis Granderson doing today?

Granderson has been involved in the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) since 2006. He has taken part in negotiations of the labor contract. Granderson was chosen as the 2009 Marvin Miller Man of the Year by the MLBPA for his off-field work, an award he won again in 2016, 2018 and 2019.

Will Alex Rodriguez ever be in the Hall of Fame?

Ex-Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez isn’t a Hall of Famer, MLB insider (and Cooperstown honoree) says. The National Baseball Hall of Fame is at the crossroads of the steroids era. It also will be the first year on the ballot for Alex Rodriguez, the three-time MVP who hit 696 career home runs.

Did Curtis Granderson ever win a World Series?

Granderson won a Silver Slugger award and finished fourth in the American League MVP voting following his 2011 season with the Yankees. He made eight trips to the playoffs, including two World Series appearances, with the Tigers in 2006 and with the Mets in 2015.

How old is Curtis Granderson?

40 years (March 16, 1981)
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Will Barry Bonds make the Hall of Fame?

Barry Bonds hasn’t been inducted because he’s been accused of transforming his physique with a vial of human growth hormone. No matter how many times Bonds denies it, he went from a marathon runner’s physique to a bodybuilder’s physique, from a beanpole to Mr. Olympia.

How tall is Curtis Granderson?

1.85 m
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Will Barry Bonds make the Hall of Fame in 2021?

The 2021 class is empty. Entering the day, three individuals had received votes on more than 70 percent of the publicly available ballots: Curt Schilling, Roger Clemens, and Barry Bonds. This is the ninth time the BBWAA did not vote a player into the Hall of Fame.