How much does it cost to asphalt a driveway Canada?

How much does it cost to asphalt a driveway Canada?

The price for a new driveway can depend on many factors – your location, the size of the drive, the slope, the length, and more. So, a new asphalt drive could cost you approximately $1 to $5 per square foot. If your driveway were 12 by 40 feet, the cost would range from $480 to $2400.

Which is cheaper for driveway concrete or asphalt?

Cost. The cost of an asphalt driveway is typically cheaper than concrete, costing $2.00 – $4.00 per square foot. Asphalt prices tend to fluctuate with fluctuations in crude oil prices. In contrast, a concrete driveway costs between $4.00 – $6.00 per square foot for a standard installation.

How much value does a asphalt driveway add?

At the very least your property value increase will cover the cost of the driveway. The amount of added value can fluctuate. Depending on the home, a new driveway can add around $5,000 to $7,000 in value. The amount can be more for a larger home.

Is asphalt good for a driveway?

Like gravel, asphalt is an economical driveway surface choice, although price may fluctuate due to the material being an oil-based product. A properly installed asphalt driveway will act similar to a concrete surface, but at a lower cost.

What is the cost of 1 ton of asphalt?

Asphalt cost per ton Asphalt costs $40 to $80 per ton on average. Asphalt prices vary depending on the mix and material ingredients. One ton of asphalt covers 30 to 80 square feet.

Does driveway add value home?

It’s estimated that having an attractive driveway to compliment your home can add up to 10% of your property’s value, according to Virgin Money.

How long does a paved driveway last?

Typically, an asphalt driveway lasts 15 to 30 years. This can vary depending on a number of factors including but not limited to: Proper Installation.

Which is the oldest asphalt company in Montreal?

We are the oldest asphalting company in Anjou and we have carried out thousands of asphalt paving projects in the Greater Montreal area. Our expertise and know-how allow us to ensure you that your asphalted parking space, pathway or driveway project will be efficient to drain water and that it will not crack or deform for many years.

How is patching done on asphalt in Montreal?

Patching consists in repairing damaged asphalt areas. It can only be done on a granular base that is in good condition. For lasting reparation, the damaged zone must be cut with a saw or levelling instrument, then a binding agent is applied on the wall junctions and the asphalt is laid according to regulations.

How long should you wait before asphalting a parking area?

You should wait at least 72 hours before using your new asphalt parking area. It will take that long to allow sufficient cooling of the pavement. Before this period, you could risk distorting it or making tire marks. If you just finished building your house, you should wait one year before undertaking asphalting works.

What kind of asphalt is used for residential paving?

According to the type of use intended, we use different asphalt mixes for residential projects. The EB-10 C and the CH-10 have good esthetic finishes and are ideal for normal loads. The EB-10S with larger pores is used for heavier loads (trucks, RVs…). The asphalt is compacted to ensure density and strength.