How much is a Selmer alto saxophone?

How much is a Selmer alto saxophone?

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What year was my saxophone made?

His idea was to create an instrument that combined the best qualities of a woodwind instrument with the best qualities of a brass instrument, and in the 1840s he conceived the saxophone. This invention was patented in Paris in 1846.

How do I know what model my saxophone is?

Saxophones display their serial numbers on the back of the instrument, near the thumb rest. Older saxophones may also have a serial number on the neck.

How do you identify Selmer Mark VI?

The Mark VI Soprano, Baritone, and Bass models were produced from 1954-1981. It is possible to find confirmed examples of these instruments in the serial range of # 55201-365000. The Mark VI Sopranino model was produced from 1954-1985 and can be found within the serial number range of # 55201-378000.

Is Selmer a good saxophone brand?

Selmer’s Reputation Speaks for Itself Selmer saxophones are world renowned for their quality both in manufacture and in musical tone. Not only is a Selmer saxophone the clear choice of most professionals, but it is one of the most commonly played saxophone for students as well.

Are Vito saxophones good?

Both Yanagisawa and Yamaha of Japan also produced a number of Vito Saxophones. These instruments are generally regarded as being of good quality and sound. For a number of reasons, Vito Saxes are considered to be among the best available for the student saxophonist.

What is my saxophone worth?

Your modern student saxophone is worth around $100-$400 if you sell it on Craigslist or eBay, but you will have to compete with cheap, shiny new versions of these instruments. You could also try consigning it with a local music store, if you still have a local music store.

Is it hard to learn the saxophone?

Compared to a lot of instruments, the saxophone is one of the easier ones to learn. The keys were designed for easy, logical use, the mouthpiece is less complex than it’s orchestral counterparts and playing in tune with a good tone is feasible within a few practice sessions.

How do I find my saxophone serial number?

To find your saxophone’s serial number, first check underneath the thumb rest. The thumb rest is a metal hook found six inches or so below where the body tube attaches to the neck. A manufacturer’s stamp usually appears on the opposite side of the body tube near the low D key.

Are Selmer Mark VI the best?

The Selmer Mark VI Legacy It’s a simple truth that the Selmer Mark VI was either the best, or among the best sax that money could buy, during its 20 year run. It is also a truth that a more modern horn will play with more consistent intonation.

How much is a Selmer Mark VI worth?

“Without a doubt, the most famous and sought-after saxophone around the world is the Selmer Mark VI. But why?” Over the last 20 years, prices for Selmer Mark VI tenor and alto saxophones have climbed to as high as [$16,000 USD].

Which saxophone is hardest to play?

Soprano Saxophone
Soprano Saxophone The soprano is known as the hardest saxophone to play.

What is the highest note on alto sax?

The typical highest altissimo note is a D6 (concert F6). The highest pitch that I have ever heard an alto saxophonist blow is a Bb7 (Concert Db7), but most saxophonists do not go above the 6th octave range of the saxophone.

Does alto saxophone have the same fingerings as a recorder?

(Thomas (alto sax)) Yes, the fingerings for the naturals are the same, but since the sax has more than twice as many key holes as a recorder, you have many more fingering options. There are about 9 different possible (but not all practical) fingerings for Bb on a sax, 6 of which I have actually used while playing pieces.

What is a good tenor saxophone?

Then look no further, the Yamaha YTS-62III is the best tenor sax, there is. Favorite among band players for decades it is a saxophone for the intermediate and accomplished players because of its playability and rich, superior sound.

What is the alto sax range?

The range of the alto saxophone is from concert D♭ 3 (the D♭ below F—see Scientific pitch notation) to concert A♭ 5 (or A 5 on altos with a high F♯ key). As with most types of saxophone, the standard written range is B♭ 3 to F 6 (or F♯ 6).