How much should I charge per person for catering?

How much should I charge per person for catering?

On average, event catering typically costs between $500 and $3,000 (and more), depending on the services offered and the size of the event….Average catering cost per person.

Catering service Cost per person
Informal food stations $25 – $45 per person
Buffet $23 per person
Corporate event $70 per person

How much food do you need for a 100 person buffet?

If you’re offering catered appetizers, plan for about six portions per guest. For a party of 100 guests, this adds up to roughly 600 appetizer portions.

How can I feed a crowd cheaply?

Cheap Meals for a Crowd

  1. BBQ Beef, Pork or Chicken Sandwiches with Chips (My Favorite recipe here)
  2. Nacho Bar.
  3. Taco Bar (Doritos Taco Bowls are fun!)
  4. Baked Potato Bar (Try Making Baked Potatoes in your Crockpot)
  5. Chili with Frito’s & Cheese.
  6. Homemade Soup Bar (try this Chicken & Wild Rice Soup Recipe)

How much food to cater for one person?

If you are planning a big party or event and you are not sure how much food to cater for each person attending, use our guide on catering quantities per person below. When you are catering an event, catering too much or too little can always be a concern.

How much does it cost to have a caterer at an event?

Most event centers will have people to set up tables, and ways to keep food hot or cold, and guests can self-serve. Some prices for caterers happy to drop off food are: East Side King in Austin, Texas, offers a bun with meat and two sides for $14–$21 pp. You pay for the dinnerware and drinks. 100 guests = $1,400–$2,100

How to calculate catering quantities per person food?

Shelled prawns:150g for a starter; 300g for main per person Rice: 60g for a starter; 30g for a side dish per person Soup: 300ml for a starter; 500ml for main per person If you are unsure of what recipes to cook for a large crowd, then try one of these delicious crowd-pleasing recipes:

How many pounds of scalloped potatoes per person?

Potatoes, fresh. 38 pounds to 45 pounds, raw “as purchased” for roasted, new potatoes. OR 1 per person for baked, see the Baked Potato Bar for discussion about counts and sizes. OR 45 pounds plus 2 1/2 gallons sauce for scalloped potatoes, baked 2-2 1/2 hours at 350.