How much space should be between shelves in closet?

How much space should be between shelves in closet?

A clothes closet should have a minimum depth of at least 24 inches deep, so the clothes can clear the back wall. Shelves for women’s shoes should be spaced about 6 to 7 inches apart. Shelves for folded clothes should be placed around 12 inches apart.

Where should closet shelves be placed?

Make sure that each shelf support is level. Attach each side support to the side walls of the closet at the appropriate height by nailing them into the studs. If you are building simple shelves rather than cubbies, you also need to add a long shelf support along the back wall of the closet.

What is the standard shelf height?

20 to 24 inches
The bottom-most shelf is typically 20 to 24 inches from the floor. If you need to raise it even higher, do it. This will give you room to store bulk items like pet food, paper towels, or even crates on wheels (which essentially become rolling drawers).

How do you put a high shelf in a closet?

There may be plenty of space for at least one more shelf up high, and in a walk-in closet you can generally add a shelf over the door as well. Use the high shelves for infrequently worn accessories, shoes, and garments, and store items in clear plastic boxes to keep them clean and visible.

How do you support a closet shelf?

If additional support is needed to keep the shelves from sagging, either install a metal bracket in the center under each shelf, or glue and nail a piece of 1 x 2 to the front edge of each shelf.

How do I build shelves in my closet?

How to Install Plywood Shelves in a Closet

  1. STEP 1: REMOVE ANY EXISTING SHELVES. Remove any existing shelves and shelf hardware.

What is standard shelf spacing?

Shelf spacing will generally range from 7 to 15 inches with 8 to 12 inches being common for bookshelves. To prevent the case from looking and being top-heavy, use a smaller shelf spacing near the top and a larger one near the bottom. A well built shelf unit will exhibit minimal side-to-side racking.

What is the standard height for closet rods?

A typical closet can include two levels of hanging rods. As a rule, place the top rod 80 to 82-inches up from the floor and the bottom rod about 40-inches up from the floor. For a single rod application, plan 60-inches from the floor for placement.

How do you maximize a tiny closet space?

Instead of cutting your wardrobe in half, use these 19 small closet ideas to create twice as much space as you had before.

  1. Get a Clothing Rack.
  2. Hide Items Behind Glass Doors.
  3. Add Storage Under Clothes.
  4. Re-Organize Seasonally.
  5. Utilize Modular Shelving.
  6. Install Task Lighting.
  7. Install Sliding Doors.

Are closet organizers worth it?

If you are going to sell your home at some point in the future, a custom closet organizer can add value to your home. This is because the units are expensive so to have one installed already is a benefit to the new owners. However, if you are not going to be moving, this doesn’t really help you as a pro.

How long can closet shelves be without support?

You can divide up a closet into about anything you can draw on paper, just don’t span shelves longer than about 4 feet without support between.

What is the standard height of a closet shelf?

The standard height of a shelf in a bedroom closet is around 48 inches, which is the height at which the clothing rod is hung. So the shelf over the rod needs to be around 3 inches above it, which offers enough room to remove clothes from the rod without scratching the bottom of the shelf.

What are the standard dimensions of a closet?

While the closet dimensions vary from building to building, the typical closet is 2′ deep by 3’6″ wide. Every room has one closet per person.

What is the standard height for a double hang closet?

If installing a double-rod closet system, mount the top rod 81-¾ inches above the floor and the lower rod 40-½ inches above the floor. This arrangement allow you to easily hang everyday shirts, blouses, blazers, shorts, and folded pants on the lower bar, while reserving the top rod for less frequently-worn long coats and skirts.

What is a good size for a coat closet?

Minimum walk-in bedroom or coat closet: 4’D x 4’W

  • Minimum walk-in pantry or linen closet: 32″D x 32″W
  • Minimum reach-in bedroom or coat closet: 22″D (standard reach-in closet depth is 24″) x 36″W
  • 16″ and 21″ depths)