How old is Jackson Rod Stewart now?

How old is Jackson Rod Stewart now?

Despite the fact that Jackson is a teenager, Jason Earles was in his late 20’s when the show started (nearly 28 years old). When the show ended, he was in his mid 30’s….Jackson Stewart.

Jackson Rod Stewart
Birthday: May 19, 1990 (age 30) Season 1 15-16 Season 2 16-17 Season 3 17-18 Season 4 19
Height: 5’3
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How old is Hannah Montana brother?

Jason Earles
Earles in August 2010
Born Jason Daniel Earles April 26, 1977 (age 44) San Diego, California, U.S.
Occupation Actor, comedian, director
Years active 2003–present

Who is Jason Earles wife?

Katie Drysenm. 2017
Jennifer Earlesm. 2002–2013
Jason Earles/Wife

What happened to Jason Earles?

Jason Earles recently worked “as an acting coach and mentor” to the stars of Disney Plus’ “High School Musical” spin-off series. “Spent 6 Months in Salt Lake working with this amazing group, as an acting coach and mentor of sorts,” he wrote on Instagram in November 2019. “By the end, we were all just family.

Did Jason Earles and Miley Cyrus get along?

Jason Earles and Miley Cyrus played siblings on Hannah Montana, and even though they didn’t always get along, they were siblings. In fact, Jason revealed that they do keep in touch, and that the entire gang had an awesome group chat in honor of the 10-year anniversary of Hannah Montana.

How tall is Miley Cyrus?

1.65 m
Miley Cyrus/Height

Are Rico and Jackson friends?

Jackson and Rico have an antagonistic friendship. Rico being Jackson’s boss takes every opportunity to make his employee miserable. However underneath their surface hatred of each other they are friends. Rico even admitted to Jackson once that he was the closest thing to a best friend that Rico had.

How old is Mitchel Musso now?

30 years (July 9, 1991)
Mitchel Musso/Age

Are Miley and Emily really friends?

The sisterly bond of Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment started in the hit Disney TV series Hannah Montana in the mid-2000s. While they portrayed best buds on the show, they also shared a strong bond in real life (via Distractify). Cyrus talked about her co-star in a 2008 interview with Seventeen.

How tall is Jennifer Lopez?

1.64 m
Jennifer Lopez/Height

How tall is Angelina Jolie?

1.69 m
Angelina Jolie/Height