How old is Steven?

How old is Steven?

51 years (June 22, 1970)
Steven Page/Age

Who is Steven Page wife?

Christine Benedictom. 2011
Carolyn Rickettsm. 1993–2009
Steven Page/Wife
TORONTO – Former Barenaked Ladies singer Steven Page has married longtime girlfriend Christine Munn. Page confirmed the news via Twitter, responding to the congratulations of fans and well-wishers.

What is Barenaked Ladies net worth?

Barenaked Ladies, Steven Page Reunite At 2018 Junos, And It’s Worth $1 Million | HuffPost Canada Life.

Where is Steven Page now?

So Page has turned his focus to his music. The Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter left Barenaked Ladies in 2009, performing solo and with the Steven Page Trio while splitting his career between CNY, where he lives with his wife, Christine, and his hometown of Toronto.

Who originally sang If I had a million dollars?

If I Had $1000000

“If I Had $1000000”
Songwriter(s) Steven Page Ed Robertson
Producer(s) Barenaked Ladies Michael Phillip Wojewoda
Barenaked Ladies singles chronology
“Brian Wilson” (1992) “If I Had $1000000” (1992) “Jane” (1994)

Who is the weakest gem in Steven Universe?

“Peridot confirmed as the weakest gem in Steven Universe (and the most self conscious)” by kayydotts | Steven Universe.

Is Pearl in love with Rose?

Yes, Pearl loved Rose deeply, and Steven’s presence is a constant reminder that Rose didn’t love her in quite the same way. (Never mind what happened in “Now We’re Only Falling Apart,” because their iffy relationship dynamics are another essay.) But even Pearl recognizes that something about herself is skewed.

Will Steven Page ever rejoin BNL?

TORONTO – Steven Page says he can’t see himself ever rejoining the Barenaked Ladies and feels weird that the band didn’t change its name after he left almost two years ago. Page — who co-founded the Toronto group — announced his split from the Ladies in February 2009.

Who sings the song If I Had $1000000?

Barenaked Ladies
If I Had $1,000,000 (Live) [Manchester, NH 3-1-04]/Artists