How old was Richard Chamberlain when he was born?

How old was Richard Chamberlain when he was born?

Richard Chamberlain was born George Richard Chamberlain on the 31 March 1934 (not 1935 as stated in a lot of articles) in Beverly Hills, to parents Charles and Elsa Chamberlain. He was their second child, their first son was Bill aged 6 at the time of Richard`s birth.

Who is Richard Chamberlain in brothers and sisters?

In 2010, he appeared as Archie Leach in season 3, episode 3 of the series Leverage, as well as two episodes of season 4 of Chuck where he played a villain known only as The Belgian. Chamberlain has also appeared in several episodes of Brothers & Sisters, playing an old friend and love-interest of Saul’s.

When was Richard Chamberlain drafted into the Army?

Complications arose when he was drafted into the Army on December 7, 1956 for 16 months, serving in Korea. Chamberlain headed for Hollywood soon after his discharge and, in just a couple of years, worked up a decent resumé with a number of visible guest spots on such popular series as Gunsmoke (1955) and Mr. Lucky (1959).

How old was Richard Chamberlain when he met Wesley Eure?

Chamberlain was involved romantically with television actor Wesley Eure in the early 1970s. In 1977, at the age of 43, he met actor-writer-producer Martin Rabbett, 20 years his junior, with whom he began a long-term relationship.

George Richard Chamberlain was born on March 31, 1934 in Beverly Hills, California, to Elsa Winnifred and Charles Axiom Chamberlain. His father worked as a salesman while his mother was an actress and singer.

What was the name of Richard Chamberlain’s first album?

1 “Secret Kingdom” (1976) 2 “He Danced With Me/She Danced With Me” (1976) 3 “What a Comforting Thing to Know” (1976) 4 “Why Can’t I Be Two People?” (1976) 5 “Bride-Finding Ball” (1976)

What kind of movies did Richard Chamberlain appear in?

True to his “Prince Charming” type, he advanced into typically bland, soap-styled leads on film befitting said image, but crossover stardom proved to be elusive. The vehicles he appeared in, Twilight of Honor (1963) with Joey Heatherton and Joy in the Morning (1965) opposite Yvette Mimieux, did not bring him the screen fame foreseen.