How to retrieve AQ account?

To retrieve your game account information, and reset your password: Go to the Forgot Password page on the AQW game Account Manage site, and enter the Contact email address for your AQW game account.

Do Aqw accounts get deleted?

Usually there is no need to delete an account, but we understand that sometimes a player wants to. However, once an account is deleted, it is gone forever!

How do I change my Aqw password?

How do I change my AQWorlds password?

  1. Go to the AQWorlds Account Manager or click on Options and then Account Management In-Game.
  2. Login to Account Management.
  3. Click on Change Password.
  4. Enter your Current Password.
  5. Enter your New Password.
  6. Enter your New Password Again.
  7. Click Submit.

How do you spin the wheel of doom in Aqw?

How to spin the Wheel of Doom:

  1. Buy a Fortune Ticket from Swaggy’s Shop. *
  2. Click the Wheel to Spin it and get prizes. **
  3. Earn free spins just by logging in! Everyone can earn a free spin every week by collecting Gears of Doom just for logging in. Members also get a free spin every day they log in.

How do I recover my hacked Aqw account?

Contact your email provider! This is the FASTEST way to recover your account!…If you already have access to your account:

  1. Forgot password? Reset it Here.
  2. Forgot email? Get a hint under the Find Email link via the Account Manager.
  3. Other Login Issue, such as technical or payment issue? – Go Here.

How many classes are there in Aqw?

Players can unlock these jobs , typically by completing a chain of quests. Each class currently has 5 skills and two passive skills….Rep needed to rank up.

v • d • e Classes
Ingame Classes (Free) Ninja • Barber • Pirate • Rustbucket • Enforcer • Dragonslayer • Leprechaun

Does Adventure Quest delete inactive accounts?

If an Adventurer is inactive for a year, it is deleted unless it is lvl 50 or above.

Is Aqw pay to win?

F2p means free to play so you dont spend money on the game. P2w means pay to win so you pay real money for in game advantages. If you haven’t played this game in Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Delta, you will not how much it is a heaven for F2P players.

How many players play Aqw?

9 MILLION GAMERS PLAY MMORPG ADVENTUREQUEST WORLDS Since its launch in October, AdventureQuest Worlds has grown an average of 1.1 million new players every month.

What does rare rarity mean in Aqw?

Rare is for items that are available for a whole month or weeks depending on the events. Limited rare is basically same. 2. blameae.

How do I contact artix support?

Earlier this year, we released our new help pages! Check them out at to get helpful articles and answers on common game, account, and technical issues. If you have account, payment, or technical issues, you can submit a ticket to send us a message at

Who is Galanoth in the Game of Thrones?

Description: Galanoth is a grand and ruling member of the Order of Dragonslayers. He hates Dragons desperately after Galanoth’s parents had been killed during the destruction of his village as a child by the dragon Akriloth. Because of this he will kill any dragon he lays eyes on.

Where did Galanoth go after defeating the Red Dragon?

Galanoth later slew the Dragon of Time which caused the AdventureQuest universe, the DragonFable universe, and the MechQuest universe to be merged into the AdventureQuest Worlds universe. After these events, he came to Vasalkar Lair to defeat the Red Dragon.

What did Galanoth do with his new arm?

During his fight with Desoloth’s army, Desoloth’s follower X’Dir approached Galanoth with a new arm in exchange that he sides with Desoloth. Galanoth drives X’Dir away as X’Dir drops the arm in the process. Galanoth then takes the arm to Warlic to work on it.

How did Galanoth become a zombie in the alternate timeline?

In the alternate timeline caused by Drakath, Galanoth has become infected by the zombies transforming him into Zombie Galanoth after Sepulchure destroyed Death which resulted in the recently deceased to return to life as Zombies that obey Sepulchure’s every command.