Is 2 pints of lager coming back?

Is 2 pints of lager coming back?

The sitcom’s creator Susan Nickson has revealed that plans are being put together for a comeback. The creator of sitcom Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps has revealed the show is in line for a return, with discussions currently ongoing with the BBC.

Why did Johnny leave 2 pints of lager?

To show he means business, Ralf quit Two Pints last year after a six-year stint as Jonny Keogh alongside Worsley-based Will Mellor and Sheridan Smith. “I left not because I didn’t like the show anymore – I missed doing it. But I just thought `I need to grow up and more importantly I need to be seen to be growing up’.

How did 2 pints of lager end?

In the series finale after Gaz realises after celeberating his 30th birthday that he has never left Runcorn he decides to travel the world with Donna but after finding out she may have cancer she tells Gaz she wont be coming with him but doesnt tell him the reason why.

What happened to Donna from 2 pints of lager?

Donna left so Gaz and Janet could be together, but then returned in series 8, with viewers voting for Gaz to choose Donna. He was left in a year-long coma after a car accident then decided to travel the world, but Donna revealed she would not be coming after a heartbreaking discovery.

What does 2 pints make?

2 pints = 1 quart. 4 quarts = 1 gallon.

What is another word for two pints?

All Crossword-Answers for: Two pints

Clue Answer Letters
Two pints QUART 5

Who died in two pints of lager?

Sitcom about the lives and loves of five twentysomethings. With Jonny gunned down by the police, Janet struggles to cope with her loss. Louise tries to avoid all blame for the shooting. When grief softens Gaz’s sex-drive, Donna finds an inventive way to arouse him.

What’s the pub called in 2 pints of lager?

A real Runcorn hotel pub, called Waterloo, is used for the exterior shots of The Archer. The Archer is so named after the show’s script editor, Paul Mayhew-Archer. The pub’s interior is filmed at BBC Television Centre in London.

Why did Ralf Little leave?

Little’s break came when he was offered the role of Antony Royle in the BBC sitcom, The Royle Family. During an interview for This Morning in September 2007 Little said that he would not be returning for the next series due to an overwhelming schedule. His character was subsequently killed off.

Who died in Two Pints of lager?

Who is the female narrator on dinner date?

Natalie Casey
Natalie Casey (born 15 April 1980) is an English actress, presenter, narrator and singer….Filmography.

Year Film Role
2014– Dinner Date Narrator
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