Is EcoQuest still in business?

Is EcoQuest still in business?

DBG said it plans to consolidate much of EcoQuest operations into Aerus Holdings’ 400,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility in Bristol, Va. During this transition, the company will continue to operate under the EcoQuest name.

What does fresh air by EcoQuest do?

Alpine EcoQuest Living Air line of products is proven in university studies to reduce 99.9% of mold and bacteria on surfaces in as little as 2 hours, and is scientifically proven to eliminate smoke and odors.

Does RainMate really work?

There’s no denying that the RainMate system does a great job capturing dust and freshening rooms. However, I do have one nitpicky thing to say about it – it isn’t as good/efficient as other air purifiers are at filtering out ultrafine particles or dealing with more serious pollutants like mold.

Who bought out EcoQuest?

Aerus Holdings
The original manufacturer of Electrolux vacuums from 1924-2003, Aerus has more than 50 million customers. The EcoQuest assets were acquired by an Aerus Holdings subsidiary, DBG Group Investments LLC.

Is fresh air by EcoQuest safe?

The EcoQuest air cleaner, for instance, is supported by outlandish marketing claims such as “Fresh Air by EcoQuest is the safest, most sought after air purifier in the world.” But this air cleaner is not safe, especially for people with allergies or asthma. They were both having the early symptoms of an asthma attack.

What is nature fresh air purifier?

NatureFresh uses activated bamboo charcoal to absorb moisture and prevent the musty smell and dangers from the mold and mildew it can cause. If you’ve researched air purifiers, you know that most use an activated carbon filter, also called activated charcoal.

Is it OK to leave air purifier on all night?

It is perfectly safe to leave an air purifier on all day, all night even if you’re not around or out of town. Air purifiers are designed to run 24×7 that will not overheat, break down, or release harmful byproducts as it is typically powered by a mechanical HEPA filtration.

Can you put Vicks in a RainMate?

No, you cannot put Vick’s vapor rub in this Rainbow Rainmate, but you can put in a menthol oil. Rainbow sales the oils that can go into the Rainbow RainMate. I never put vicks.

How long has vollara been in business?

We have the legacy of over 80 years of success. Our parent company was founded in 1924 as Electrolux, USA, a company well know for excellence in its technology, unmatched service, and endless accomplishmenta. Its products have been honored in the Smithsonian and its satisfied customer’s number over 50,000,000.

Are air purifiers a gimmick?

Fraud : Preliminary Information. The air purification industry is rife with scams and misrepresentations most likely due in part to the intrinsic value of clean indoor air. An air purifier does not clean the environment or save the whales but rather, the air that you do have control over can be optimized.