Is Ed Townsend related to Robert Townsend?

Is Ed Townsend related to Robert Townsend?

Townsend was born in Chicago, Illinois, the second of four children to Shirley (née Jenkins) and Ed Townsend. His mother ended up raising him and his three siblings as a single parent.

What college did Robert Townsend attend?

Illinois State University
Austin Community Academy High School
Robert Townsend/Education

How old is Towson?

64 years (February 6, 1957)
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Who is Robert Townsend’s wife?

Cheri Jonesm. 1990–2001
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Is Ed Townsend still living?

Deceased (1929–2003)
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What ever happened to Robert Townsend?

Recently, Townsend has appeared in and directed an episode CW’s superhero series “Black Lightning;” and has directed two episodes of BET’s “Soul Train” drama “American Soul.” He said being on both sets felt like “being at home.” With “Black Lightning,” he recognizes that many of the themes of the show harken to the …

Who plays the bus driver in speed?

Hawthorne James
Sam is a bus driver who drives the Santa Monica Transit commuter bus no. 2525 and is Annie Porter’s friend. He was portrayed by Hawthorne James in Speed.

Who is Tammy’s father?

Thomas Townsend
Tammy Townsend/Fathers
Townsend was born in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of Anorene, an African American interior designer, and Thomas Townsend, an English judge with Yugoslavian ancestry.

Who wrote the song Let’s get it on?

Marvin Gaye
Ed Townsend
Let’s Get It On/Composers
Ed Townsend, a singer and songwriter who with Marvin Gaye produced and wrote the 1973 hit ”Let’s Get It On,” one of the most enduringly erotic songs of the R&B era, died on Aug.

How is Spike Lee Rich?

Spike Lee has a net worth of $50 million, as of March 1, 2021. Lee has earned the vast majority of his wealth from his decades-long filmmaking career. Lee has also been ranked among the highest-paid filmmakers in the world for several years. For instance, he earned $3 million to direct Malcolm X in 1992.

How much money did the movie Hollywood Shuffle make?

5.229 million USD
Hollywood Shuffle/Box office

Is Speed a bad movie?

Speed is a well made fantastic movie that has a great scale of action and crime. Keanu Reeves plays a cop, Jack, that angers a former bomb squad member, Howard (played by Dennis Hopper), by foiling his plans at taking hostages.