Is Jake Ejercito Ellie Eigenmann father?

Is Jake Ejercito Ellie Eigenmann father?

7 May – It’s been five years since Jake Ejercito was in a relationship, but the actor is not at all concerned by it, not when he has his daughter Adrianna Gabrielle (called Ellie) to keep him company. Jake co-parents his daughter with former partner Andi Eigenmann. …

Who is Ellie Eigenmann biological father?

Mark Gil
Andi Eigenmann/Fathers

Who is Jake Ejercito father?

Joseph Ejercito Estrada
Jake Ejercito/Fathers

Is philmar Alipayo rich?

Philmar Alipayo Net Worth Philmar Alipayo estimated net worth comes around $300,000 as of the year 2021. He has various sources of earning while that is surfing or teaching. Being the husband of a celebrity, he gains much more than others and this led him to earn more and more.

Is Mark Gil still alive?

Deceased (1961–2014)
Mark Gil/Living or Deceased

What is Ellie Eigenmann real name?

Andrea Nicole Guck Eigenmann
Andi Eigenmann/Full name

Why did Jake and Andi break up?

In an interview with Boy Abunda on The Buzz, Sunday, September 28, Andi said that she and Jake decided to break up because she was going through so much, especially the death of her father, Mark Gil. Andi said that Jake stopped replying to her after he found out about her father’s condition.

Does Jake Ejercito have a daughter?

Adrianna Gabrielle Eigenmann
Jake Ejercito/Daughters

How old is Andi Eigenmann now?

31 years (June 25, 1990)
Andi Eigenmann/Age

Who is philmar Alipayo?

Philmar Alipayo was born on 17th August 1992 in Siargao, Philippines. By profession, he is a Filipino Surfer and he is also famous for Being the husband of actress Andi Eigenmann. He won the 19th Siargao National Surfing Cup in 2017. At this time his current rank is 6th on the men’s shortboard division of the PSCT.

Does philmar have son?

His first son, Toro, lives with them on the island. On the other hand, his second son, Kanoa, stays with his mom in France. In a previous interview with ABS-CBN, Philmar shared that he contents himself with weekly video calls with Kanoa. “We call each other every week and bond on video call.

How old is Lucero?

40 years (March 12, 1981)
Sid Lucero/Age