Is Merlin really exist?

Is Merlin really exist?

There may have been a real Merlin, such as the one Nikolai Tolstoy describes in Quest for Merlin : “…Merlin was indeed an historical figure, living in what are now the lowlands of Scotland at the end of the sixth century A.D…an authentic prophet, most likely a druid surviving in a pagan enclave of the north.”.

Is Merlin a myth?

Merlin is a wizard and ally of King Arthur of Camelot . He is a vital figure in the origin of Etrigan and Shining Knight, but as a mythological character, has appeared in other stories well before that.

What is the legend of Merlin?

Merlin is a fictional character who appears in many stories about King Arthur, a legendary king of ancient Britain. These stories together are known as the Arthurian legend. Merlin is often depicted as a sorcerer, or magician. According to the legend, Merlin was born to a human mother and a demon father.

Is Merlin a magician?

Merlin was a great wizard and also a Magician featured in Arthurian legend ( King Arthur is a legendary British leader of the late 5th and early 6th centuries). Merlin was first appeared in Historia Regum Britanniae (in English, The History of the Kings of Britain, originally written in Latin)…